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Epaulette Shark, Captive-Bred, ORA®
(Hemiscyllium sp.)
Starting at $699.99
…Captive-Bred Epaulette Shark is the one for you. The Captive-Bred Epaulette Shark does grow quickly but will only reach about 30 in the home aquarium. It has a long tan body, small, round paired pectoral and pelvic fins patterned with striking dark spots that resemble an epaulette, the ornamental…
Epaulette Surgeonfish
(Acanthurus nigricauda)
Starting at $129.99
…eye and forward from the stark-white ringtail. The Epaulette Surgeonfish is known to quickly change coloration from light to dark during courtship, aggression, or to indicate it is receptive to nearby cleaners. In its natural habitat, the Epaulette Surgeonfish is generally found schooling in small…
Orangeshoulder Tang
(Acanthurus olivaceus)
Starting at $34.99
The Orangeshoulder Tang is also known as the Orange-epaulette Surgeonfish, Orangespot Surgeonfish, Orangeband Surgeonfish, and Orangeshoulder Surgeonfish. As a juvenile, it is solid yellow, with just the slightest hint of blue fringing on the anal and dorsal fins. As an adult, the front half of the…