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Seachem Equilibrium RO Water Conditioner for Freshwater Planted Aquariums
Starting at $7.57
…the planted aquarium. Equilibrium contains no sodium or chloride (which can be detrimental to a planted aquarium at elevated levels). Equilibrium is ideally suited for use with RO (reverse osmosis) or DI (deionized) water or any mineral deficient water. Equilibrium raises the essential…
Microbe-Lift Reef/Marine pH Buffer Stabilizer by Ecological Labs
Starting at $4.92
…overshooting safe limits. The number of applications depends on the starting pH, the gap to reach your target, and existing alkalinity (the equilibrium between bicarbonate, carbonate, and hydroxide ions). Since it can take 48 hours +/- for buffering adjustments to stabilize, retest pH after 8…
Instant Ocean & Reef Crystals Synthetic Sea Salt
Starting at $11.99
…of Reef Crystals premium sea salt can be used immediately, it is suggested that you aerate the water until it reaches oxygen/carbon dioxide equilibrium before use.Use an accurate hydrometer, such as the SeaTest® Hydrometer full range specific gravity meter, to adjust salinity. Recommended specific…
Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine Precision Salt Blend for Reef Aquaria
Starting at $29.29
…submersible heater if necessary). Allow water to mix, preferably while being aerated, until pH becomes completely stable, indicating that gas equilibrium has been achieved. It is strongly recommended that at least 24-hours of mixing be allowed to pass before adding the water to an established…
Coralife Marine Salt
Starting at $15.99
…reverse osmosis water. Mix salt in appropriate amount of water - approximately 4 cups to every 10 gallons. Aerate mixture to attain adequate gas equilibrium. Adjust salinity (specific gravity) to desired level using a reliable hydrometer. To increase salinity, add salt. To decrease salinity, add…
Ruby Reef HydroPlexTM
Starting at $19.99
…of equilibrium, etc. after 5 minutes, add a second dose of 1.0 oz. /quart with mixing. Let stand an additional 5 minutes (10 total minutes) and then transfer fish. However, at a total dose of 2.0 oz. /quart, transfer fish immediately if they display symptoms including loss of equilibrium, extreme…