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454 products
Seachem Flourish Excel
Starting at $7.1
…Flourish Excel does not contain these specific compounds per se, but one that is quite similar. By dosing with Flourish Excel you bypass the involvement of CO2 and introduce the already finished, structurally similar compounds. It is in its structural similarity that Flourish Excel is able to…
Hikari Cichlid Excel
Starting at $9.79
* Natural color-enhancing daily diet great for all types of cichlids * Easy-to-digest pellets made with wheat-germ, spirulina and more * Nutritious formula also great for herbivorous (plant eating) fish Specially formulated for herbivorous fish. These floating pellets combine wheat germ and…
Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel
Starting at $5.99
…cravePremium select ingredients formulated for easy digestion ensure proper nutrient utilization. Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel pellets are highly digestible to deliver excellent daily nutrition to promote rapid growth and desirable form. Balanced diet with stabilized Vitamin C contains spirulina…
Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel Mini
Starting at $12.49
…sink to deliver nutrition to aquarium herbivores Target-feed herbivorous African Cichlids to enhance vibrant coloration. Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel Mini is a powerful color-enhancing daily diet that sinks to deliver quality nutrition in a mixed cichlid aquarium. A perfect balance of ingredients…
Coral Accel
Starting at $12.99
…for reef marine aquariums. It provides complex proteins, a natural source of the necessary amino acids that spur healthy coral tissue growth. Excellent when fragmenting small polyp stony corals, and propagating soft corals, octocorals, and colonial anemones. Made without sugar, vinegar, phosphate,…
Tropic Sunset
(Nymphaea tropic sunset)
Starting at $29.99
The Tropic Sunset is an excellent bloomer. Its fragrant flowers have orange-pink tipped petals that are over 6 inches in diameter, blooming well past early frosts. The green, heavily blotched purple leaves are large (easily reach 18 inches) and nearly round with rounded notches and wavy edges. In…
Umbrella Palm
(Cyperus alternifolius)
Starting at $7.99
The Umbrella Palm, also known as Umbrella Plant and Umbrella Papyrus, is an excellent accent plant for ponds or patios. Umbrella Palms provide an exciting look to any location - home, office or pond.Umbrella Palms have 24 to 72 inch high stems with thin blades arranged like an umbrella on the end.…
Ribbon Grass, Strawberries and Cream
(Phalaris arundinacea)
Starting at $7.49
This variegated variety of Ribbon Grass has cream, pink and green-striped, sword-like foliage that makes an excellent background and edge plant. It grows about 1 foot tall and develops thin, silvery plumes in the late summer that may reach up to 4 feet tall. The leaves of this plant are about 3/4"…
Stan Skinger
(Nymphaea stan skinger)
Starting at $29.99
…olive-green as they age and can reach up to 18" with a spread of 4-5 feet.Recommended to be in 6-18" of water in a 2-gallon or larger container. Excellent for beginners to grow as it adapts well to different sized pools and will tolerate some shade. Ideal for tubs and kettles. Zones 9-11.Approximate…
URI Actinic White
Starting at $16.99
…03 & 50% white spectrum light*Great for coral growth and showcasing marine aquarium inhabitantsContains both Tri-Band and actinic phosphors for excellent color rendition. 12,000°K color temperature mixed with actinic radiation provides the realistic-looking and life-supporting system necessary for…
Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef Flakes
Starting at $4.99
…Reef Flakes is a natural blend of fresh, raw seafood. They provide an excellent source of pure marine protein from coral reefs and create an exciting flavor that marine tropical fish cannot resist! Also excellent for freshwater tropical fish!Ingredients: Dried fish solubles, wheat gluten,…
Dwarf Papyrus
(Cyperus haspens)
Starting at $7.99
The Dwarf Papyrus, also known as the Dwarf Egyptian Papyrus is an excellent marshy plant in small pools or when kept as a houseplant. It is the dwarf variety of the Giant Papyrus, and has strong stems reaching up to 30 inches tall with tufted umbrella-like foliage on the end. The tufts are…
(Nymphaea odorata 'Chrysantha')
Starting at $23.99
…in color each day, and number between 16 and 19 to each flower. When mature, it has an upright rhizome and 3 to 4 inch, cup-shaped flowers.An excellent bloomer, the Chrysantha is free blooming outside of hot regions. The mottled purple leaves are a striking contrast to the bloom. Leaves measure…
Variegated Sweetflag
(Acorus calamus "variegatus")
Starting at $7.99
A variegated variety of Acorus calamus, the Variegated Sweetflag, has cream and green-striped, sword-like foliage that makes an excellent background plant. It grows from 2 to 3 feet long and has glossy leaves with distinctive midribs and crinkling along part of one edge.The Variegated Sweetflag does…
Ocean Nutrition Marine Seaweed Selects
Starting at $5.99
…Premium quality marine algae is natural source of nutrients for aquarium fish Made from 100% natural dried macroalgae, Seaweed Selects supply an excellent source of vegetable protein, vitamins, amino acids, and natural pigments. Your herbivorous fish will also digest it much more completely than…