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Mosquito Fish
(Gambusia sp. aff. Affinis)
Starting at $1.49
…present, supplement their diet with a quality flake food. You can differentiate the male and females easily. The males are smaller in size, have a pointed anal fin and are much thinner than the female. The females are larger in size, have a rounded anal fin, as well as a pregnancy patch on the lower…
Blue Star Leopard Wrasse
(Macropharyngodon bipartitus)
Starting at $49.99
The Blue Star Leopard Wrasse, also known as the Vermiculite Wrasse, or Divided Wrasse, has a distinct color pattern. The females or juveniles have a pearly white body with a combination of mottled oranges, yellows, and browns, with light blue spots found throughout the pattern, along with a large…
Betta - Female
(Betta splendens)
Starting at $3.49
…and colorful freshwater aquarium fish.The Betta can be bred in the home aquarium. For breeding purposes, males and females can be temporarily housed together. Once laid by the female, the eggs are placed inside a bubblenest and tended by the male Betta. Fry appear in about 24 hours and must be fed…
FPT x Insert Tubing Adapters
Starting at $5.99
Straight adapters - one end has female pipe threads and the other a hose barb insert. Use a hose clamp with barb insert. Available in 3/4" x 3/4", and 1" x 1".
Walkers Panchax Killifish
(Fundulopanchax walkeri)
Starting at $24.99
…bodies of water in the wild. When breeding the Walkers Panchax Killifish, the eggs do not need to be removed from the water after spawning. The female Walkers Panchax Killifish prefers to lay her eggs within a spawning mop or java moss. The Walkers Panchax Killifish is easy to breed, and the eggs…
Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami
(Colisa lalia)
Starting at $7.99
…determined by the dorsal fin. The male's dorsal fin is pointed, the female's is rounded. The water level should be reduced to 8 inches during spawning, and the temperature should be approximately 82°F. After spawning the female should be moved to a different tank. The male will tend to the eggs and…
Gold Mickey Mouse Platy
(Xiphophorus maculatus)
Starting at $1.69
…Mickey Mouse Platy is a livebearer capable of reproducing at three to four months of age. The male is smaller and more brightly colored than the female, and can be distinguished by his gonopodium. The fry will most often reach maturity in a community aquarium. The platy is an omnivore that will eat…
Kribensis Cichlid
(Pelvicachromis pulcher)
Starting at $4.29
…a 50-gallon or larger aquarium. Male Kribensis, whether full coloration or albino, are often more attracted to the albino female because of the intense red that the albino female displays during breeding. They are a cave spawning species so plenty of rocks and caves should be provided. Feed the fry…
Scarlet Livebearer (Pair)
(Micropoecilia picta)
Starting at $7.99
…other livebearer in the Family Poeciliidae, the male Scarlet Livebearer is more slender, brightly colored and has a gonopodium. In contrast, the female Scarlet Livebearer is more rounded in shape and develops a pregnancy spot. Though less prolific, the Scarlet Livebearer share similar breeding…
Opaline Gourami
(Trichogaster trichopterus)
Starting at $2.19
…way to differentiate between the male and female Opaline Gourami is by the dorsal fin. In the male, the dorsal fin is long and pointed, while the female's is shorter and rounded. When ready to breed, the male builds a bubblenest and begins to entice the female by swimming back and forth, flaring his…
Scott's Fairy Wrasse
(Cirrhilabrus scottorum)
Starting at $64.99
…The variety collected from Australia contains more red within the fins and the break in coloration within the body is less dramatic. The male and female of this species are similarly colored, but when courting, the male will display increased color intensity. Colors may vary depending on the fish's…
Bluestripe Fairy Wrasse
(Cirrhilabrus cf temminckii)
Starting at $59.99
…with a white belly. Horizontal yellow or neon green stripes adorn the sides of the male, whereas the females have mostly a green appearance. Although subdued when compared to the males, the females still offer a striking look with a bright red stripe running along the back. Colors may vary depending…
Grey Head Wrasse
(Halichoeres leucurus)
Starting at $39.99
…its head, three black spots along its back, and three false "eyes" running along its dorsal fin back to a fourth on the tail in Juveniles and Females. Adult male Grey Head Wrasse, sport vivid blue stripes through their face with orange/red spots along the length of their body. A 70 gallon or larger…
Conspicuous Angel
(Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus)
Starting at $3999.99
The Conspicuous Angel is also known as the Conspic Angel or Spectacled Angel. As an adult, it is blue-gray with a gold sheen. The face is bright yellow with very distinctive bright blue rings around the eyes.It requires ample hiding places, room to swim, and an aquarium with live rock on which it…
Velvet Multicolor Fairy Wrasse
(Cirrhilabrus luteovittatus)
Starting at $79.99
…Yellowband Wrasse, has a bright maroon body, with a horizontal yellow streak on the side. There are blue stripes on the dorsal and anal fins. The females generally are not as colorful. They are olive green and purplish blue, and have two rows of red spots from the base of the pectoral fin to the…