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CerMedia MarinePure Biofilter Media
Starting at $28.99
…bacteria. MarinePure Biofilter Media can be cleaned, reused and sterilized. Use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums, as well as ponds. Use MarinePure Biofilter Media in sumps, trickle filters, wet/dry filters, canister filters, DIY filters, hang-on-back filters and even inside the aquarium to…
Fluval BIOMAX Filter Media
Starting at $9.99
filter media encourages beneficial bacteria growth * Porous ceramic cylinders boast increased surface area for better filtration * Perfect for fresh or saltwater canister filters for cleaner aquarium water Biological filter media designed specifically for Fluval Multi-Stage Canister Filters.
Coralife Pure-Flo Micron Filter Pads
Starting at $3.74
…biological filter media.Coralife Pure-Flo Micron Filter Pads are specially designed to remove unwanted particles while allowing selective passage of beneficial microbes that help maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Simply cut Coralife Pure-Flo Micron Filter Pads to fit any aquarium filter for…
Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Powerfilters
Starting at $39.99
…one Rite-Size "E" Filter Cartridge and one, 4 ounce filter media container. -->The 400 gph Emperor 400 features two BIO-Wheels and includes two Rite-Size "E" Filter Cartridges and two, 4 ounce filter media containers. For freshwater or marine aquariums. Replacement filter cartridges and replacement…
CPR Aquatic Tumbler Media Reactors
Starting at $2.99
* Easily add coarse chemical filtration media such as carbon pellets and bio-plastics to your small saltwater or freshwater aquarium * Durable acrylic media reactors' upflow design gently tumbles media for the most efficient media use * Choose a Mini or Nano reactor for simple, streamlined…
Chemi-Pure & Chemi-Pure Elite
Starting at $48.88
*Multi-purpose chemical filter media removes dissolved organics and other harmful compounds*Enjoy sparkling water and maintain a perfect pH in any aquarium*Lasts 4 - 6 times longer than average carbonEnjoy superior water quality for a healthier aquarium inhabitants. Works equally well in marine or…
Starting at $3.29
…for aquarium canister filters * Convenient pouch simplifies custom aquarium chemical filtration * Removes dissolved organics, odors, and more from aquarium water The highest grade filter carbon for filtering aquarium water. API SUPER ACTIVATED CARBON Filtration Media effectively removes dissolved…
Fluval Pre-Filter Media
Starting at $6.99
*Pre-filter media for Fluval 06 Multi-Stage aquarium canister filters*Medium-coarse mechanical filtration optimizes filter performance*Prevents premature media clog and boosts aquarium water clarityEnsure best filter performance and aquarium water quality. Fluval Pre-Filter Media provides the…
Brightwell Aquatics Xport NO3 BIO Brick Biological Media
Starting at $41.25
*Highest porosity biological filter media for efficient nitrate removal*Ultra-activated to support superior anaerobic bacterial colonization*One brick provides about 100,000 sq. ft. of useable surface areaNew generation denitrifying biological filter media engineered to maximize nutrient export.…
Nano Cube Replacement Filter Media
Starting at $2.99
* Replacement filter media for Nano Cube aquariums * Specially sized mechanical, chemical, and biological filter media * 3-stage filtration to help maintain optimum water quality Replacement filter media for Nano Cube aquariums. Specially sized to fit within the Nano Cube filtration system for…
Aqueon Bio-Balls Filter Media
Starting at $6.99
…biological media, they are difficult to destroy, except by over-cleaning, using chlorinated water, or using certain medications, such as antibiotics.What kind of maintenance does biological filter media need?Check your filter regularly to ensure particles are not clogging the biological filter media
Eheim Professional 3 1200XL Model Replacement Filter Pads
Starting at $12.96
…and provide additional biological filtration. Filter Pad Set includes: 1 Blue (Coarse) Filter Pad and 4 White (Fine) Filter Pads.Eheim Synth Set includes: 3 Eheim Synth fine filter pads.---> Filter Pad Maintenance and ReplacementThe white filter pad provides mechanical fine filtration. Since…
Seachem Tidal Foam Filter Media
Starting at $5.07
media for Seachem Tidal Power Filters 55, 75, or 110*Efficiently traps waste and debris as the first stage of aquarium filtration*Pre-cut and perfectly sized for use in Seachem Tidal Power Filters Tidal Foam filter media, the replacement mechanical filtration media for Seachem Tidal Power Filters,
Aqueon Activated Carbon Filter Media
Starting at $8.99
…aquatic environment. Aqueon Activated Carbon can be used with different types of filters: canister, internal and traditional hang-on-back. Amount of carbon needed for your aquarium varies by the filter's individual requirements and capacity. 1 lb. Directions: Rinse carbon under cold water,…
Marineland Acrylic Sump Filter Media
Starting at $6.49
…Acrylic Sump Filtration Systems take three-stage mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to a new level of convenience. Filter Pads provide coarse and fine grade mechanical filtration to effectively remove unsightly particles from aquarium water. Replacement media also fits Tidepool Sumps.