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Filter Media Bag

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AquaClear Media Bags
Starting at $2.49
media in filter bag for custom aquarium filtration*Holds small-grained aquarium filter media without preventing water flow Customize your Hagen AquaClear Power Filters to meet your aquarium filtration needs. The AquaClear Media Bags simplifies the use of custom chemical filter media. Fine mesh bag
Seachem Tidal MatrixCarbon Pouch
Starting at $8.6
…gallons.InstructionsRinse pouch before use. Do not remove MatrixCarbon from its mesh bag. Lay mesh bag lengthwise and distribute MatrixCarbon evenly before placing it in the filter basket below any biological filtration media. Frequently Asked Questions regarding MatrixCarbon is available from the…
Eshopps Micron Bag Holder and Micron Bags
Starting at $9.99
…6" x 6" x 4" 4" Round Bag 10-40 gallons Large (mfg# 11030) 6" x 8" x 4" 7" Rectangular Bag 40-100 gallons XLarge (mfg# 11035) 6" x 12" x 4" (2) 7" Rectangular Bags 100-200 gallons 200 Micron Bag Specifications 200 Micron Filter Bags Dimensions 7"…
Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Powerfilters
Starting at $39.99
…with 4 ounces of your preferred course media, ensuring all media is spread throughout each of the individual filter chambers within each cartridge. DO NOT OVERFILL MEDIA CONTAINERS. NOTE: Fine media must be placed in a mesh bag inside of the refillable media container to avoid leakage into your…
Drs. Foster & Smith PhosPure® Filter Media
Starting at $22.99
…mesh media bag (supplied) and rinse thoroughly under running water. Place inside any filter in a way that minimizes water bypass.Applications:For Aquariums: Use in canister filters, power filters, sumps, corner filters, or next to uplift tube of undergravel filters. For Ponds: Use in filter or pond…
The Bag
Starting at $9.38
*Welded mesh filter bag for holding bulk aquarium filter media*Filter bag resists degradation for long-lasting aquarium use*Great for use with aquarium media that regenerate in bleachThe best, and maybe the last, aquarium filter media bag you'll ever buy. The 180 micron bag features a resealable…
Cobalt Aquatics Media Bag - 200µ mesh
Starting at $3.99
Resealable Cobalt Aquatics Media Bags are perfect for holding various types of filter media. The 200µ mesh is ideal for resins, and the bags are resealable for added convenience. The easy-to-use string closure is both reliable and durable.
Cobalt Aquatics Course Mesh Media Bag
Starting at $3.99
…mesh bags are perfect for chemical and biological media*Hook and loop closure is easy to use*Resealable media bags are convenient Resealable Cobalt Aquatics Media Bags are perfect for holding various types of filter media. The course mesh is ideal for both chemical and biological media, and the bags
Cobalt Aquatics Fine Mesh Media Bag
Starting at $2.49
…grain materials*Resealable bags add extra convenience*Hook and loop closure is easy to useResealable Cobalt Aquatics Media Bags are perfect for holding various types of filter media. The fine mesh is ideal for activated carbon or fine grain materials, and the bags are resealable for added…
Fluval BIOMAX Filter Media
Starting at $9.99
…(approximately 1-1/2 L) media baskets. For best use, place at the end of the filtration process. Use InstructionsRemove protective plastic bag and rinse thoroughly with aquarium-safe, chlorine-free water. Place directly into media basket or filter chamber, depending on canister filter style. For…
Seachem Zip Bag
Starting at $3.32
filter media bag stays shut, prevents spills and hassles*Corrosion-proof plastic zipper and tough seams neatly, securely contain filter media *Two convenient sizes ensure easy filling and placement in your specific setupZip aquarium filter media into a stay-shut, no-spill, no-worries filter bag. The…
Nano Cube Replacement Filter Media
Starting at $2.99
…Replacement filter media for Nano Cube aquariums. Specially sized to fit within the Nano Cube filtration system for optimum filtration and water quality for your aquarium inhabitants. Mechanical Filter Sponge traps detritus and free-floating particulate matter. Activated carbon bag removes dissolved…
Aqueon Activated Carbon Filter Media
Starting at $8.99
…Carbon can be used with different types of filters: canister, internal and traditional hang-on-back. Amount of carbon needed for your aquarium varies by the filter's individual requirements and capacity. 1 lb. Directions: Rinse carbon under cold water, while still in the bag, to remove excess dust.
Red Sea REEFER Filter Media Cup
(LiveAquaria® Approved)
Starting at $17.99
…your filter sock holder and fill with desired media -- whether it's filter floss or filter pads, or bagged media like activated carbon or GFO. Holes at the base of the cup allow for free movement of water through the media. These 4" filter media cups include a free high quality filter media bag.
Drs. Foster & Smith Media Bags
Starting at $2.49
…Self-Fastening media bag holds various types of filter media including activated carbon and other coarse chemical and biological media. Self-fastening closure makes filling and refilling easy.Fine Mesh Drawstring media bag with top drawstring makes opening and closing the bag a cinch. Fine mesh bag