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Filter Systems

379 products
Eheim Advanced Canister Filters
Starting at $417.99
…aquarium water, this canister filter can handle the often complicated filtration needs of even the largest fresh or saltwater aquarium. The filter powerfully moves water through six filtration stages (pre-filter, two filter pads, and three media filters) in a closed system that effectively cleans…
Fluval G Series Premium Filter
Starting at $249.99
filter boasts unparalleled performance and versatility PLUS electronic LCD monitoring of filter function and water quality parameters (water temperature and electrical conductivity). Electronic self-diagnostic system continuously monitors water flow through the unit and features an alarm system that…
Seachem Tidal Power Filter
Starting at $54.95
…the filter basket allows for any type of Seachem filter media, which can be interchanged and placed in custom configurations.Effective Water Flow: The Tidal Power Filter system is designed for easy and convenient maintenance. The Filter media basket is designed to hold the largest volume of filter
Eheim Water System Installation Sets
Starting at $32.79
*Easy-to-install intake & return system for custom aquarium filtration*Secure to intake or return line of aquarium canister or wet/dry filter*Quality German manufacturing for reliable and long term aquarium useGreat intake and return for canister and wet/dry filters.12/16 mm sets accommodate 1/2"…
Pondmaster Filter Systems
Starting at $114.99
* Filtration systems for ponds 600 to 1,250 gallons * Combines the PondMaster Filter with a fully submersible Mag-Drive water pump * Sturdy handle allows easy placement and maintenance Pondmaster 1250-1700 Filter Systems combine the easy-to-use PondMaster Filter with a high-tech, fully submersible…
Lifegard Aquatics All-In-One Pond Filter System
Starting at $300.53
…Pond Filter System Pond Size Up to Pump Dimensions Single Filter System (Mfg# R442001) 1,000 gallons Quiet One 2200 220 gph 15" x 15" x 6" high Double Filter System (Mfg# R442002) 1,500 gallons Quiet One 3000 819 gph 15" x 15" x 10" high --> Triple Filter System (Mfg#…
Lifegard Aquatics Pond Filtration System Kits Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters
Starting at $166.53
…spray.The advanced features of the Uno, Duo, Trio Filter System allow efficient operation and if installed according to instructions, will keep the water in your pond or water garden crystal clear.The Uno, Duo, Trio Filter System is a compact filter for ponds and water gardens, easy to install and…
Neptune Systems Next Generation Apex WiFi Aquarium Controller System
Starting at $799.95
system updates eliminate cumbersome firmware updatesHigh-tech aquarium monitoring and control system boasts built-in WiFi for greater set up ease and enhanced performance. Neptune Systems Next Generation Apex WiFi Aquarium Controller System builds upon the popular Apex aquarium control system for…
Eshopps Eclipse Slim Overflow Systems
Starting at $109.99
…sumps, refugiums, or wet/dry filters. Aquarium drilling and modification required.Eshopps Eclipse Slim Overflow Systems are best used with the Eshopps Pro Kit for even more effectiveness in controlling water flow, eliminating micron bubbles, and quieting the system. Specifications …
Neptune Systems 1/2" Flow Sensor with Unions
Starting at $29.95
…accessories like reactors and carbon/GFO filters. The Neptune Systems 1/2" Flow Sensor with Unions is pairs with your Flow Monitoring Module and your Apex unit to measure water flow. It's perfect for use with aquarium accessories like reactors and carbon/GFO filters and can help you determine if…
Pondmaster Filter Units
Starting at $37.99
*Dual filter elements offer mechanical and chemical filtration*Expandable hook together for additional filtration*Can be used in as little as 6" of water*Media is easily rinsed or changedComplete pond filtering systems that can be used with most submersible water pumps up to 500 gph. Modular…
Eclipse Filter Cartridges
Starting at $16.99
…qualityReplacement filter cartridges fit Eclipse Hoods as well as Eclipse System Aquariums: Explorer, System 3, System 6, System 12, Hex 5, and Corner 5.Shop all Aquarium Filter Media.Marineland Eclipse System Filter CartridgesInstalling your Marineland Eclipse System Filter Cartridges Thoroughly…
Whisper EX Power Filter
Starting at $2.49
Filter Carrier - The new filter carrier holds the filter - and the drips - so you don't have to. After discarding the old filter and inserting the new one, the carrier easily drops back into place within the filtration system. Carbon Filter Access Door - Allows easy access to the carbon filter
Coralife BioCube Aquarium System Accessories
Starting at $5.99
…cooling system enhance ventilation while higher flow rate pump circulates water filtered by bio-ball wet/dry filtration system and signature 2-stage filter cartridge. Curved glass front affords clear, panoramic aquarium views for complete aquarium enjoyment.Comprehensive aquarium lighting system
Aqueon Bio-Balls Filter Media
Starting at $6.99
…biological filter media and decreasing efficiency. Biological media should not be replaced unless it has become too clogged to function. It can be simply rinsed with pond water to unclog and improve biological filter function. In most cases, it is recommended the filtration system include mechanical…