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695 products
Fluval G Series Premium Filter
Starting at $249.99
…filter with electronic monitoring system * New concept in aquarium filtration features easy, top-load media cartridges * LCD shows pump performance, conductivity and aquarium water temperature Ultra-advanced aquarium filtration for a new generation of aquarists. Revolutionary canister filter takes…
Banded Coral Shrimp (Build Your Own)
(Stenopus hispidus)
Starting at $11.5
…slowly to avoid any salinity and/or pH shock. Breeding the Banded Coral Shrimp is usually not successful. Larvae are generally destroyed by filtration and skimming.In the wild, the Banded Coral Shrimp is a scavenger. In the home aquarium, it will accept most flaked and frozen foods.Approximate…
Emerald Green Cory Cat
(Brochis splendens)
Starting at $6.79
…natural habitat of this catfish, the aquarium should be well planted with plenty of driftwood. Maintain a pH close to neutral and provide strong filtration to ensure proper health.In the aquarium, females will collect the eggs in a pelvic fin basket and deposit them individually on plants, rocks,…
Hydor Koralia SmartWave Pump Controller
Starting at $69.99
…spots" where organic debris settles, creating the ideal matrix for nuisance algae to grow. In addition, poor water movement hinders biological filtration, which in turn, raises toxins to dangerous levels. In essence, an aquarium without water movement is like a dirty mud puddle hostile to most…
Nitra-Zorb Filtration Media
Starting at $12.69
…use with new or established freshwater aquariums * Use Nitra-Zorb to help reduce fish loss when setting up and cycling new aquariums A water filtration medium composed of natural and synthetic ion-exchange resins. Selectively removes toxic ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Contains no phosphate, will…
Super Micro Filtration Pads
Starting at $19.19
* Mechanical filtration pads for FilStar canister filters * Remove coarse debris and solid waste for clear, aquarium water * Filtration pads help maintain efficient canister filter performance FilStar 20 Pores Per Inch FoamCoarse foam pads filter large particles like food and plant fragments.…
Starting at $3.29
… * Convenient pouch simplifies custom aquarium chemical filtration * Removes dissolved organics, odors, and more from aquarium water The highest grade filter carbon for filtering aquarium water. API SUPER ACTIVATED CARBON Filtration Media effectively removes dissolved organic waste that stresses…
IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System
Starting at $399.99
…RODI Smart Water Filtration System is equipped with a super quiet booster pump which allows the system to run at peak efficiency capable of providing a 3 to 1 waste to product water ratio making it a very Eco-Friendly reverse osmosis unit.IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System boasts advanced…
Aquaforest® Life Bio Fil Aquarium Filtration Media
Starting at $21.99
filtration media containing carefully selected bacterial strainsLife Bio Fil is a natural biological filtration media containing carefully selected bacterial strains that initiate and support the nitrification process, helping to accelerate tank maturity. Life Bio Fil is perfect filtration media for…
TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit with Submersible Flat Box Filter
Starting at $9.99
* Compact fountain filtration kit for ponds up to 250 gallons * 2-in-1 filter and water fountain kit ideal for pre-formed ponds * Flat Box Filter also available separately for supplemental pond filtration Enjoy savings and a beautiful pond with this 2-in-1 filter and water fountain kit. Convenient…
Lifegard Aquatics Pond Filtration System Kits Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters
Starting at $166.53
…biological filtration helps ensure healthy, debris-free water. Great for ponds, water gardens, or fountains.Lifegard Pond Filtration System Kits Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters eliminate complicated plumbing and product selection and is available in three complete package sizes to address the filtration
Lee's Premium Undergravel Filter
Starting at $2.99
…undergravel filter?A. Power filtration is not required to maintain a healthy aquarium when using a premium undergravel filter. Power filtration, however, is a nice complement to the undergravel filter. It provides an excellent source of mechanical and chemical filtration since the water is typically…
Fluval Pre-Filter Media
Starting at $6.99
…filters*Medium-coarse mechanical filtration optimizes filter performance*Prevents premature media clog and boosts aquarium water clarityEnsure best filter performance and aquarium water quality. Fluval Pre-Filter Media provides the necessary mechanical filtration to remove larger debris from…
Marineland Acrylic Sump Filter Media
Starting at $6.49
Marineland Acrylic Sump Filtration Systems take three-stage mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to a new level of convenience. Filter Pads provide coarse and fine grade mechanical filtration to effectively remove unsightly particles from aquarium water. Replacement media also fits…
Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filters
Starting at $8.49
…Zeolite is not included). Fine filtration - high-density mechanical sponge that captures small debris (included). Biological filtration - highly porous sintered quartz Bio-Ring media ideal for optimal biological filtration (included). Mechanical filtration - highly porous mechanical sponge…