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Fish Dip

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SeaSquirt Feeder
Starting at $15.99
…Holds up to 10 ml.Dual purpose instrument is a must-have for hobbyists with predatory species that require delicate handling (such as venomous fishes or anemones with a powerful sting) or for those that need to dispense liquid foods to filter feeders. Excellent tool for deep aquariums or…
Starting at $9.99
…saltwater aquarium fish*Rapidly repairs damaged aquarium fish fins, ulcers, & open wounds*Use as a coral dip to remove parasitic flatworms from aquarium coralsConcentrated botanical extract of Melaleuca Tea Tree treats coral AND saltwater fish bacterial infections. API MARINE MELAFIX provides a safe…
Ruby Reef HydroPlexTM
Starting at $7.49
dips should always be used to control transmission and propagation of parasites and microbes on new arrivals including fish, crustaceans and snails. Dip experiments with corals and other potentially sensitive species are in progress.General MethodAerate and equilibrate fish + packing bag or dip
Brightwell Aquatics Lugol's
Starting at $6.69
…used to create a dip for corals Extremely powerful solution for advanced iodine supplementation. Replenishes iodine, a minor element important to corals, crustaceans, macro-algae, fish, and other marine inhabitants. Brightwell Aquatics Lugol's can also be used to create a dip for corals and their…
Methylene Blue
Starting at $2.99
…aquarium fishes or to prevent fungal growth in fish eggs.Use Kordon Methylene Blue as directed to aid in general disease prevention, detoxification of fishes suffering from nitrite or cyanide poisoning or as a prophylaxis against fungus infections of fish spawns (eggs). May also be used as a dip for…
Lugol's Solution
Starting at $9.99
…containing xenia and soft corals. Enhances coral polyp expansion, resulting in a healthier environment for marine invertebrates and fish! Can be used as a dip for stony and soft or leather corals. 1 oz. 1 drop treats 25 gallons. Directions for UseAdd 1 drop per 25 gallons of aquarium capacity…
Tetra EasyStrips Aquarium Test Strips
Starting at $8.99
…visible symptoms Nitrate Fish appear stressedAlgae grows in tank Nitrite Ammonia is presentFish activity slowsFish stop eating Hardnessand Alkalinity When setting up tank or making water changesTo maintain desired pHTo establish preferred water conditions for fish and plants Chlorine Setting…
DrTim's Aquatics First Defense Aquarium Stress Relief & Immune Support
Starting at $14.99
…Support helps fish adapt to new environments by giving their immune system a first line of defense. Vitamin and immunostimulant-fortified water conditioner helps fish and corals cope with stress during water changes, bagging & shipping, new additions, disease treatments, fragging, dipping, and other…
Magnavore Poly-Tech Super Filter Pads
Starting at $4.99
…Capacity Filter Pad to maintain aquarium water quality essential for the health and longevity of tropical fish, goldfish, gouramis, tetras, cichlids, swordtails, platies, and all small aquarium fish. 6" x 6" high.Super Capacity Professional Filter Pad contains more than double the active ingredients…
Premium Pond Salt by Drs. Foster & Smith
Starting at $6.99
…coat, your pond fish's natural protective barrier against disease. Essential electrolytes support healthy gill function by reducing the risk of stress-induced osmotic shock and temporarily blocking the toxic effects of nitrite. When used as a short-term salt bath (saltwater dip), Drs. Foster and…
API 5 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips
Starting at $12.99
fish and live plants. ppm (mg/L) °dGH Type of Fish 30 1.7° Discus, arowanas, elephant nose, neons, cardinals, live plants 60 3.4° Most tropical fish including angelfish, tetras, botia, community aquarium fish, live plants 120 6.7° Most tropical fish
Aquarium Solutions Ich-X SW
Starting at $11.79
…swab must never be dipped more than once into the container of Aquarium Solutions Ich-X. Be sure to have plenty of clean, dry swabs ready to use. Amlyoodiniasis (Velvet, Gold Dust Disease, Rust Disease):This disease is common to saltwater tropical fishes. The skin of diseased fishes appears to have…
Ruby Reef Kick-Ich /Rally Combo Pack
Starting at $29.99
…company to develop HydroPlex, an extremely broad-spectrum aquarium pharmaceutical for dips and hospital tanks that will effectively control almost all parasitic diseases that attack the gills and outer layers of fish. HydroPlex, in fact, has proven extremely useful in controlling a wide range of…
Tetra Whisper Deepwater Pumps
Starting at $54.99
…Provides air to even the deepest aquariums and is the perfect choice for driving protein skimmers. Limited lifetime warranty means you and your fish will never have to depend on any other air pump. Model Measurement # Outlet(s) AP 150 5-3/4" x 4" x 3-1/4" H 1 AP 300 8-1/2" x 4-3/4" x 3-1/4"…
Axilspot Hogfish
(Bodianus axillaris)
Starting at $19.99
…half-dipped in shadow, half in light. A 70 gallon or larger aquarium with hiding places should be provided. The Axilspot Hogfish is a very peaceful fish that adjusts quickly to most aquariums. If more than one Axilspot Hogfish is going to be added to the tank, it is very important to do this…