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Flame Fish

15 products
Flame Hawkfish
(Neocirrhites armatus)
Starting at $64.99
The Flame Hawkfish, also known as the Brilliant Hawkfish, has a bright red body with dark markings along the dorsal fin and around the eyes. They are a very personable fish, and are great for reef aquariums as long as there are no small shrimp maintained in the aquarium.It requires a 30 gallon or…
Flame Cardinalfish
(Apogon spp.)
Starting at $19.99
…because of its aggressive behavior towards other Cardinalfish, although it does well in mated pairs. It is a nocturnal fish and may be watched using a red light.The Flame Cardinalfish requires a well-balanced and vitamin-enriched diet of meaty foods such as feeder shrimp, marine flesh, bloodworms,…
Firefish, Purple
(Nemateleotris decora)
Starting at $39.99
The Purple Firefish, also known as the Decorated Firefish, Purple Dartfish, Decorated Dartfish, or Flame Firefish, was first discovered in the Indo-west-Pacific Ocean in 1973 by Randall and Allen. The colorful body base is varied degrees of yellow to white, and deep shades of purple which begin at…
Flame Angelfish
(Centropyge loricula)
Starting at $35.99
…hiding places and live rock for grazing. The Flame Angelfish is prone to nip at stony and soft corals (sessile invertebrates) and clam mantles. If the Flame Angelfish is to be added to a peaceful community, it should be the last fish introduced. The Flame Angelfish adapts well to aquarium life, but…
Flame Fairy Wrasse
(Cirrhilabrus jordani)
Starting at $139.99
…fish-only or reef, with a shaded area is recommended. The Flame Wrasse will not bother corals or invertebrates, which makes them the ideal fish for a reef aquarium. These fish do like to jump, so a tight fitting canopy is required.The Flame Fairy Wrasse diet should include vitamin enriched frozen…
Flame Dwarf Gourami
(Colisa lalia)
Starting at $5.99
…brilliantly colored than females. Regardless of sex, however, these beautiful fish create a splash of color in any home aquarium. Peaceful, by nature, Gouramis are an excellent addition to any community aquarium with fish of like temperament and size. Dwarf varieties only reach 2" in size. Though…
Flame Angelfish - Captive-Bred (USA)
(Centropyge loricula)
Starting at $229.99
The Captive Bred Flame Angelfish from Hawaii is bright red/orange with vertical black stripes highlighting the body. Also, horizontal black stripes along the caudal portions of the blue-tipped dorsal and anal fins, add to the mystique of these Dwarf Angels. These are very active fish that will add…
Taxiphyllum 'Flame' - Tropica® 1-2-Grow!
(Taxiphyllum sp.)
Starting at $44.99
…and then watch it grow!Taxiphyllum 'Flame' is an attractive moss that grows up, twists, and over time will take on a flame appearance. Taxiphyllum 'Flame' has a somewhat irregular and wild texture that imparts a bushy shrub-like appearance. Taxiphyllum 'Flame' is well suited for placing anywhere…
Ocean Nutrition Pygmy Angel Formula Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $4.99
…seafood. Fortified frozen fish food contains added vitamins and minerals to support vivid natural coloration as well as long-term health and vitality. 35 count half inch frozen cubes. Reccomended for Dwarf or Pygmy Angelfish (genus Centropyge), including Flame, Lemonpeel, Coral Beauty, Potter's,…
Dragon's Tongue Algae
(Halymenia dilatata)
Starting at $39.99
…aquariums, refugium or seahorse systems. However, if growing for display purposes, it may not be suitable in systems housing large herbivorous fish and invertebrates, as they will delight in dining on the Aquacultured Dragon's Tongue Algae.Mounted on a piece of square cut fossilized coral skeleton,…
Griessingei Goby
(Discordipinna griessingeri)
Starting at $99.99
…projection of the dorsal fin is eye catching. They are active and peaceful gobies that will make a wonderful addition to the saltwater reef or fish only aquarium. It should be kept in a smaller Nano-type aquarium with a substrate of sand or crushed coral. The Griessingei Goby is cryptic; they…
Marineland Silk Plant "C" Multi-Packs
Starting at $8.99
…placement. Plant sizes are approximate. Multi-Pack Contents C4 7" Mermaid Weed, 8" Adventitious Ozelot, 10" Amazon Sword, 14" Dragon Flame C3 7" Dragon Flame, 12" Octopus Plant, 7" Stargrass, 10" Stargrass To install: Rinse plant under warm water before placement.To create visual depth in your…
San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Reef Plankton
Starting at $2.99
…ingredient diet with reef plankton. Feeds fish, corals, and invertebrates simultaneously in your reef aquarium. Stimulates appetite, promotes proper growth, resistance to stress, and a long healthy life. Great for reef aquariums, corals, feather dusters, flame scallops, shrimp, anemones, damsels,…
Endler's Livebearer
(Poecilia sp.)
Starting at $3.59
…that are currently being offered by as Class K Endler s. The closest to the True Endler s Livebearer offered is the Red Flame Endler s Livebearer. Endler's Livebearers are becoming more common in the hobby, and gaining popularity thanks to their wild, psychedelic coloration…
Tropica® 1-2-Grow! Medium Care Plant Packs
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $114.99
…Care Plant Pack is ideally suited for planted aquarium hobbyists who would like medium care level plants when setting up a planted aquarium with fish or a lush landscape in miniature showcasing ornamental freshwater invertebrates.Smartly portioned cups beautifully accommodate small and medium sized…