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Auto Top Off Float Valve & Reservoir
Starting at $34.95
…Easy-to-install float valve for aquarium auto top off systems * Attach to a water source and install on your aquarium sump * Create an auto top off system that maintains aquarium water level Aquarium float valve kit offers a simple solution to maintain proper water level. Use the Eshopps Float
Water Sprite
(Ceratopteris thalictroides)
Starting at $3.99
The Water Sprite, also known as the Indian Fern, is a great plant to use as a mid-ground plant and also as a floating plant. The delicate, lacy leaves also make great cover for fry to hide among. Due to its poor root system, the Water Sprite retrieves nutrients from the water.The Water Sprite will…
(Ceratophyllum demursum)
Starting at $2.79
…free-floating worldwide, in moving and still waters, or loosely anchored in muddy bottoms. Hornwort leaves are dark green and grow from a 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches long on stems that can reach 24 inches in length. They may be potted or just left to float in the aquarium.Approximate Purchase Size: 6" to 8"
Dwarf Papyrus
(Cyperus haspens)
Starting at $7.99
…them in 2-gallon containers before placing them in the water. Spreads 12". When a stem bends over and touches the water, it will create new plantlets. If you want to speed up this process, cut off flower heads and float them upside down in water. Zones 9-11.Approximate Purchase Size: 8" to 10"
Obedient Plant
(Physostegia leptophylla)
Starting at $7.99
…shade. Plant in a one-gallon container and submerge pot 2" below pond water surface. It is a great ornamental plant for container gardens, pond margins, floating planters, or for landscaping. Propagate in early spring by dividing established plants. Zones 3-12.Approximate Purchase Size: 8" to 12"
Dwarf Baby Tears
(Hemianthus callitrichoides)
Starting at $5.99
…aquarium plants, Hemianthus callitrichoides is an ideal foreground plant. If regularly pruned, this bright green South American native can also be floated at the water's surface. Either way, it creates the ideal location for spawning fish to hide their eggs and active bottom dwellers to forage for…
Radican, Marble Queen
(Echinodorus cordifolius)
Starting at $7.49
…a large aquarium that can afford this space. This plant will extend its leaves to the surface of the aquarium, where they will begin to float. Remove the floating leaves, to prevent the submersed leaves from dropping off, and the other plants from being shaded. This plant will thrive in a moderate…
Hornwort (Dozen)
(Ceratophyllum demursum)
Starting at $19.99
…the winter as buds. In spring, these buds grow to repopulate the pond.Hornwort leaves are dark green and grow from a 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches long on stems that can reach 24 inches in length. They may be potted or just left to float in the pond. 1 dozen. Zones 4-11.Approximate Purchase Size: 6" to 8"
Mosquito Fish
(Gambusia sp. aff. Affinis)
Starting at $1.49
…size, have a rounded anal fin, as well as a pregnancy patch on the lower portion of the body. Ideally, the environment should have a covering of floating plants or a breeding mop to protect the fry. Adults may eat the fry if left to fend for themselves without a safe nursery area. Approximate…
(Egeria densa)
Starting at $2.89
…branching stems covered in bunches of linear, whorled leaves. The Anacharis anchors itself in the substrate by its roots, but will also grow when floating freely.The Anacharis can be housed in tropical or coldwater aquariums. When kept in a tropical aquarium, they require regular additions of…
Drs. Foster & Smith Fish Acclimation Kit
Starting at $7.99
…bully within the aquarium for several hours until the new arrival adjusts to its surroundings. Just float the perforated plastic basket in the aquarium. Net the tank bully and place in the floating basket for approximately four hours while the new arrival adjusts to your aquarium. Never place the…
Banana Plant
(Nymphoides aquatica)
Starting at $2.89
Banana Plant, also known as the Big Floating Heart, is an interesting and unique looking Rosette Plant. It has banana-shaped roots that remain partially unplanted, and store the nutrients for the rest of the plant. The only member of its genus to be used as an aquarium plant because it is the…
Water Poppy
(Hydrocleys nymphoides)
Starting at $7.99
The Water Poppy may be one of nature's most elegant floating plants. With its dark green, heart-shaped leaves and often abundant scattering of quaint yellow flowers, this floating plant adds a compelling carpet of foliage and visual depth to any pond's edge. Native to tropical climates, the Water…
Leopard Ctenopoma Captive-Bred
(Ctenopoma acutirostre)
Starting at $23.99
…(dH 2-4), and warm water (79-82°F) is necessary for breeding. The fry should be fed live food such as brine shrimp.Carnivores, Leopard Ctenopomas will eat live, frozen, and prepared foods such as krill or ocean plankton, as well as floating pellet food.Approximate Purchase Size: 1-1/4" to 2-1/4"
AquaFX RO Standard Float and Hydraulic Automatic Shut Off Kit
Starting at $19.99
…production when reservoir is full*Customize your AquaFX RO & RO/DI system and never worry about running out of RO water again!Standard Float w/ Wing NutThe Float Valve with Wing nut is an excellent and simple way to keep sumps/tanks/reservoirs full of RO water. Recommended anytime when using a…