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Replacement Fluval Biomax
Starting at $1.99
Fluval Biomax provides important stage 3 biological filtration. Its large surface area provides optimal colonization of beneficial bacteria and enhances the elimination of fish wastes, providing a healthier aquarium environment. The Replacement Fluval Biomax is specifically designed for the Fluval
Fluval Powered FX Gravel Vac for Fluval FX4 & FX6 High Performance Canister Filters
Starting at $34.99
…for Fluval FX4 and FX6 Filters*Powered by your canister filter to effectively clean aquarium gravel*Disposable filtration bag traps debris for mess-free maintenanceEssential aquarium maintenance accessory powered by your Fluval FX4 or FX6 canister filter. Fluval Powered FX Gravel Vac for Fluval FX 4…
Fluval LED Edge Aquarium Kits
Starting at $1.62
…bottle of Cycle biological aquarium conditioner for convenient set up. Fluval Edge Accessories sold separately. 12-Gallon Fluval Edge includes two 30 ml bottle of Cycle biological aquarium conditioner.Specifications:6-Gallon Fluval EdgeFiltration: 100 gph 3-stage mechanical, chemical and biological…
Fluval® Ammonia Test Kit
Starting at $16.99
…for optimal water conditions *Store in a cool, dry place Accurately measure ammonia levels in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium with the Fluval Ammonia Test Kit. Ammonia is produced when uneaten food and waste decompose. If the uneaten food and waste are left to accumulate in your aquarium,…
Fluval Roma 240 Aquarium Kit with Stand - Walnut
Starting at $1199.99
…comes with "through tank base" filter connection for aesthetic appeal *Includes Fluval 306 filter, heater, and LCD thermometer to help maintain and monitor the aquarium Bring sophistication into your home with the Fluval Roma 240 Aquarium Kit with Stand. The 63-gallon tank sits atop a stand with…
Fluval FX Powered Gravel Vacuum Bag, Fine
Starting at $8.99
…your Fluval Powered FX Gravel Vac functions at peak performance with a new vacuum bag. Fluval FX Powered Gravel Vacuum Bag, Fine provides essential mechanical filtration to trap fine debris and particles removed during routine gravel cleaning using your Fluval Powered FX Gravel Vac for Fluval FX 4 &…
Fluval FX Series Fine Filter Pad
Starting at $3.99
Fluval FX Series Fine Filter Pad plays an important role by providing fine mechanical filtration to the multistage Fluval FX series canister filters. Fine polyester pad captures small particles and debris that can cloud water to help maintain aquarium water clarity. Suitable for use with Fluval FX4…
Fluval FX Series Water Polishing Pad
Starting at $4.99
…for use with Fluval FX4 High Performance Canister Filter and Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter. Rinse frequently and replace every 1-2 months for best performance. 3 pack. View the video. MaintenanceImportantTo ensure optimal and proper functioning of your Fluval FX External…
Fluval G Series Premium Filter
Starting at $249.99
…water. For proper filter placement, follow cartridge replacement procedures outlined in the Fluval G3 Filter manual. General InformationThe Fluval G3 Nitrate Cartridge is for use with the Fluval G3 advanced filter and will remove up to 13,000 mg of nitrate ions in freshwater aquariums. Nitrate…
Fluval G Series Advanced Filter Media & Cartridges
Starting at $9.99
…cartridge boasts the binding power of Fluval G Phosphate Cartridge, Fluval G Nitrate Cartridge and Fluval Activated Carbon. Effectively traps excess phosphate, nitrate and organic pollutants.Chemical CartridgeReusable Chemical Cartridge for use with the Fluval G Advanced Filter. For use with most…
Fluval Cycle Concentrated Biological Booster
Starting at $2.99
…aquariums*Quickly consumes ammonia & nitrite to prevent "new tank syndrome"Protect your aquarium with a powerful team of live beneficial bacteria. Fluval Cycle Concentrated Biological Booster rapidly establishes a safe biological aquarium environment allowing the IMMEDIATE ADDITION of fish to a new…
Fluval Bug Bites Fish Food Granules for Small Tropical Fish
Starting at $5.99
*Contains up to 40% nutrient-rich Black Soldier Fly Larvae*High in multiple proteins for healthy skin, scales, and fins*Slow-sinking granule lets all fish feed at their preferred depthBug Bites 0.7-1 mm Granules for Small Tropical Fish is a complete fish food with a unique, insect-based formula…
Fluval® Razor+ 2 in 1 Algae Magnet Scraper & Scrubber
Starting at $19.99
…glass aquarium walls in no time! The Fluval Razor+ 2 in 1 Algae Magnet Scraper & Scrubber, for glass aquariums, lets you go from scraper to scrubber in one simple flip. Plus, you'll clean your aquarium walls without ever getting your hands wet!The Fluval Razor+ 2 in 1 Algae Magnet Scraper & Scrubber…
Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit
Starting at $2.74
…essential for vigorous growth in your freshwater planted aquarium with the Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit. Available in two kit sizes to accommodate planted aquariums up to 40 gallons.Use 20 gram Replacement CO2 Cartridge for Fluval Flora Aquatic Plant Kit. Model Cartridge NetWeight CO2 Includes For…
Fluval LED Lighting Fixture Fresh & Plant 3.0 Full Spectrum Performance
Starting at $185.99
…like Lake Malawi, Tropical, and PlantedMaintain a thriving live plant aquarium with the help of the variety of customizable options of the Fluval Fresh & Plant 3.0 Full Spectrum Performance LED Fixture.It features six unique band waves for full spectrum results and programmable, gradual…