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Fresh Water Seahorse

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8 products
Tiger-Tail Seahorse - Captive-Bred
(Hippocampus comes)
Starting at $34.99
…into the water column. Provide a separate aquarium with live rock for the new born sea horses. Feed these new born freshly hatched vitamin enriched brine shrimp. The Tiger-Tail Seahorse is a slow, deliberate feeder, so fast, aggressive fish will out-compete it for food. Seahorses tend to get…
Dwarf Seahorse
(Hippocampus zosterae)
Starting at $44.99
…white with little black dots.The Dwarf Seahorse requires a small, species-only aquarium and does best in groups of 4 or more. When maintaining only one or two Dwarf Seahorses, a 5-gallon aquarium is suitable; when maintaining more than 10 Dwarf Seahorses, use a 10 gallon aquarium. The smaller…
DrTim's Aquatics Re-Fresh Sparkling Water Aquarium Conditioner
Starting at $31.62
…aquarium water without chemicals * Reduce discoloration and aquarium odors caused by organics Maintain clean water, clean aquarium surfaces AND eliminate unpleasant odors. DrTim's Aquatics Re-Fresh Sparkling Water Aquarium Conditioner battles brown smelly aquarium water, preserves clean water and…
San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Mysis Shrimp Mini Cube
Starting at $3.99
…in hot water is not recommended, as this breaks down the nutrients contained in frozen fish food.Recommended ForFreshwater: Tetras, Cichlids, Barbs, Angels, Mollies, Swordtails and others.Saltwater: Angels, Seahorses, Butterflies, Clownfish, Wrasses and others. Ingredients: Mysis, Water, and Guar…
DrTim's Aquatics Eco-Balance
Starting at $13.35
* Probiotic bacteria formula for fresh or saltwater aquariums * Multiple strains of friendly bacteria help maintain aquarium health * Optimize aquarium water quality and reduce Vibrio and other bacteria Restore balance and aquarium health with this multi-strained probiotic…
DrTim's Aquatics Waste-Away Natural Aquarium Cleaner
Starting at $14.74
…bacteria! Use weekly to extend the life of your filters, improve water quality, and reduce maintenance. Waste-Away works to remove aquarium gunk, unclog gravel or crushed coral beds and keeps filter pads flowing freely for better water movement and oxygenation.For best results, add DrTim's Aquatics…
Ocean Nutrition Cyclops Frozen Food
Starting at $1.99
…offer an ideal live food for freshwater and marine fish larvae (fry) * Also perfect for marine filter-feeding invertebrates, corals, seahorses & fish with small mouths * Naturally nutritious cyclops cleaned, then flash frozen for quality and nutrition * Convenient cubes…
Cobalt Aquatics CA Mysis
Starting at $19.99
…marine aquarium fish * S.E.L.C.O. BOOST infused for unprecedented aquarium fish nutrition * Mysis shrimp flash frozen on the boat to preserve freshness & quality Flash frozen mysis shrimp fortified with S.E.L.C.O. BOOST delivers unprecedented levels of nutrition! Cobalt Aquatics CA Mysis are…