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Freshwater Crayfish

8 products
Cobalt Blue Lobster
(Procambarus clarkii)
Starting at $29.99
The Cobalt Blue Lobster is one of the most striking ornamental crayfish you'll ever see. It will add an amazing splash of brilliant blue color that's sure to draw attention to your freshwater aquarium. The coloration of this blue beauty intensifies as it matures. Due to selective breeding, the…
Red Lobster
(Procambarus sp.)
Starting at $3.99
The Red Lobster is a great crayfish species native to the rivers and streams of North America. An excellent scavenger for ponds or aquariums, the Red Lobster will feed upon any leftover food or detritus that settles on the bottom. It is also a great algae controller and will eat any filamentous…
White Ghost Lobster
(Procambarus clarkii)
Starting at $69.99
…species of crayfish attaining a total length of up to 12". They are a brilliant white color with relatively small claws for their size. They are generally peaceful towards members of its species and will rarely hunt for fish; which they are generally too slow to catch. Provide a freshwater aquarium…
Sunburst Fire Lobster
(Procambarus clarkii)
Starting at $79.99
The Sunburst Fire Lobster is from the rivers and streams of North East Australia, and is one of the larger species of crayfish attaining a total length of up to 7". They are tan to green in color with bright orange forearms, with relatively small claws for their size. They are generally peaceful…
Dennerle Chris Lukhaup's Shrimp King Shrimp Tank Complete
Starting at $149.99
…3.94") and vertically (max 7.09") 6,500°K, 500 Lumen, 21V. 5.5W Nano corner filter Large surface area for filter bacteria Safe for shrimps and crayfish Freely adjustable water flow Filter outlet rotatable up to 90° Easy to operate and clean 150l/h (approximately 39 gph) capacity 2WSetupChoose an…
Reef Lobster, Red Hawaiian
(Enoplometopus sp.)
Starting at $19.99
…occidentalis is referred to as the Red Hawaiian Reef Lobster, Hawaiian Reef Lobster, and Hairy Reef Lobster. It is similar in appearance to freshwater crayfish.An ideal environment should have a thick gravel bed for burrowing, and rocks for hiding, as well as live rock on which to hunt. After…
API Copper Test Kit
Starting at $8.89
…shrimp, crayfish and corals, as well as in freshwater aquariums or ponds with plants. Tap water may contain copper leached from pipes and, ultimately, it can accumulate in the aquarium. Directions for Use:This kit reads total copper level in parts per million (ppm). This kit works in both freshwater
Marineland Algae Eliminator
Starting at $4.89
…copper and does not alter aquarium pH. Used as directed, Marineland Algae Eliminator is safe to use with ornamental freshwater fish and plants. For use in established freshwater aquariums. Made in USA. 8 oz (237ml) treats 2,844 gallons.Note: Not for use in aquariums with invertebrates or…