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Freshwater Plant Substrate

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Seachem Flourite
Starting at $18.03
…Stable porous clay gravel for natural planted aquariums * Mineral-rich substrate improves aquarium plant growth * Eliminates laterite supplementation in planted aquariums Bring noticeable improvement in plant growth response. This stable, porous clay substrate is rich in iron, so it eliminates the…
CaribSea Eco-Complete Plant Substrate
Starting at $22.06
…aquarium substrate for luxuriant plant growth*Contains live bacteria to convert fish waste into natural plant food*Requires no rinsing - enables faster setup of planted aquariumsEco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate contains more than 25 minerals to nourish aquatic plants. Coarse substrate packed…
Brightwell Aquatics FlorinVolcanit Plant Substrate
Starting at $21.21
…volcanic ash base substrate for freshwater planted aquariums*Provides a stable growth medium for live rooted aquarium plants*Great for freshwater plants and ornamental shrimp requiring slightly-acidic, low GH conditionsMultifunctional aquatic plant substrate supports healthy plant growth and…
CaribSea RhyzoMat Subsurface Root Mat for Planted Aquariums
Starting at $9.99
…microhabitats. RhyzoMat is pH neutral, can also be used as a biological substrate and, if left somewhat exposed, a natural "soft cover" for freshwater invertebrates. RhyzoMat can be used with any sand or gravel. Whether you have one plant or one hundred, a RhyzoMat makes it easy. RhyzoMat do not…
Aquarium Plant Pack - Deluxe
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $45.99
…with a spectrum of 5,000 to 7,000 degrees Kelvin.Provide this Plant Pack with a few inches of iron rich substrate that contains a moderate grain size. Substrates such as Flourite, EcoComplete or Flora Base work well for planted aquariums and typically do not require supplemental gravel fertilizers.…
Boesemani Rainbow
(Melanotaenia boesemani)
Starting at $8.99
…colorful centerpiece for any freshwater home aquarium. Males have a beautiful bluish purple head that fades into a gorgeous orange and yellow posterior. Though females are not as colorful, their brilliant silver coloration is equally as stunning against any backdrop of plants or rockwork. Regardless…
Eheim Substrat Pro
Starting at $24.76
…for clear, healthy aquarium water with stable water values as well as longer service life of the filter. Eheim Substrat Pro can be rinsed out and reused several times. Great for freshwater or saltwater aquarium use.Q. What is Biological media?A. Biological media is any inert material that houses the…
Brightwell Aquatics Florin Delta GH+ for Freshwater Aquariums
Starting at $11.25
…potassium, magnesium, and calcium to freshwater planted aquaria *Establishes optimal mineral balance in water that has purified or is exceedingly soft *Great for biotope aquaria housing fish indigenous to forest and/or riverine habitatsFish, aquatic plants, and invertebrates require specific…
Seachem Flourish Glue Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
Starting at $6.27
…when planting bunch plants. Simply apply Flourish Glue, plant as usual and the plants stay rooted in the substrate. It bonds within seconds and has excellent control, hold and durability characteristics. It can even be used underwater. Flourish Glue can be used for any aquascaping in freshwater
Starting at $14.49
…phosphate in the water column and the level of phosphate in the rock, gravel and other substrate in the aquarium. The above chart is for maintenance use on aquariums where the phosphate level within the substrate has already been reduced. On new or established aquariums where the phosphate levels…
CaribSea Flora-Spore Mychorrizal Symbionts
Starting at $5.99
…healthier root system that directly contributes to overall improved plant health and growth. For use with new or established freshwater aquariums.Sprinkle CaribSea Flora-Spore Mychorrizal Symbionts into new setups before adding substrate or, create a solution and apply directly to root system using…
Flourish Tabs
Starting at $8.74
* Easy-to-use substrate supplement for planted aquariums * Growth stimulating tablets help develop healthy plant roots * Contains essential nutrients beneficial to aquarium plants Flourish Tabs provide time-released conditioning to planted aquarium substrate. Flourish Tabs are growth-stimulating…
Cobalt Blue Lobster
(Procambarus clarkii)
Starting at $29.99
…with medium or fine grain substrate for burrowing. They are territorial towards their own kind and a larger aquarium will be needed if housing more than one lobster. To house multiple lobsters, provide at least 20 gallons per lobster and include plenty of rocks and plants as cover.The Cobalt Blue…
Topaz Puffer
(Dichotomyctere fluviatilis)
Starting at $23.99
…black spots covering the back and sides. The belly area is off-white and lacks any markings.The ideal aquarium will have brackish water with many plants (either real or plastic), rocks with plenty of hiding places, and a sandy bottom composed of an aragonite-based sand. The Topaz Puffer can be…
Mono Sebae
(Monodactylus sebae)
Starting at $18.99
…at least 125 gallons. The smaller specimens can be kept in freshwater, but as they grow and mature, the water should gradually be converted to a higher salinity. A substrate consisting of aragonite sand or gravel is preferred. Provide plants and rocks that thrive in brackish water.It is known that…