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Frogspawn Coral, Thin Branched
(Euphyllia divisa)
Starting at $39.99
The Frogspawn Coral is a large polyp stony coral (LPS) often referred to as the Wall, Octopus, Grape, or Honey Coral. Its polyps remain visible throughout both the day and night, resembling a mass of fish eggs or frog eggs, hence one of its common names Frogspawn. Its coloration is green or brown to…
Frogspawn Coral, Thick Branched
(Euphyllia yaeyamaensis)
Starting at $69.99
…as a "Frogspawn" coral but upon careful observation, the unique features of this species become evident. Even when fully expanded, the tentacles of the Thick Branched Frogspawn Coral are notably short and thick, giving it a squat, compact appearance. Though the Thick Branched Frogspawn Coral…
Grape Coral, Aquacultured USA
(Euphyllia cristata)
Starting at $29.99
…With its tightly-clustered appearance and magnificent coloration, the Grape Coral makes a perfect addition to your reef aquarium. Similar to Frogspawn coral (Euphyllia paradivisa), Euphyllia cristata features distinctively tighter polyp groupings which remain visible throughout both the day and…
Grape Cristata, Captive Grown
(Euphyllia cristata)
Starting at $39.99
…addition to any reef aquarium. This large polyp stony (LPS) coral features tightly-clustered vibrant purple grape like polyps. Similar to Frogspawn coral, the LiveAquaria® Captive Grown Grape Cristata has distinctively tighter polyp groupings which are visible throughout the day and night.…