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Brightwell Aquatics Xport PO4 Cubes Phosphate Adsorption Media
Starting at $10.97
…filtration media available anywhere.Outperforms GFO and all other phosphate absorbing media by up to 1,000%, making it more economical to use than competing media. Also has superior flow characteristics and does not pack or form mud like GFO does.Due to its unique landscape of "Fur" spicules,…
Neptune Systems FMK Flow Monitoring Kit
Starting at $199.95
*Sends alerts when your return pump isn't flowing at the desired level*Monitors the flow of your aquarium devices like UV, carbon reactor, GFO reactor, biopellet reactor and more*Add an extra sensor to the available port to get optical water level sensing, additional flow monitoring, or leak…
Sicce Media Reactor with Pump
Starting at $169.99
*Full access reaction chamber for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium *Great for carbon, phosphate removers or GFO *Media Reactor comes with a 3-year manufacturer warrantySicce Media Reactor with Pump provides the largest media capacity in the industry for aquariums. Extra large design allows for…
Seachem PhosBond Ferric Oxide Coated Alumina Oxide Phosphate Adsorber
Starting at $10.24
…silicates. Seachem PhosBond Ferric Oxide Coated Alumina Oxide Phosphate Adsorber combines the high phosphate binding power of Granulated Ferric Oxide (GFO) with the physical strength and integrity of aluminum oxide.Enjoy rapid and permanent removal of phosphates and silicates AND versatile placement…
Drs. Foster & Smith PhosPure® Filter Media
Starting at $22.99
*Powerful chemical filter media for total phosphate removal*Commercial strength granulated ferric hydroxide filter media*Helps maintain low phosphate levels in freshwater and saltwater aquariumsPhosPure®Bind phosphate permanently without leaching for total phosphate removal. Commercial strength…
DrTim's Aquatics NP-Active Pearls
Starting at $25.19
…use GFO when using NP-Active Pearls?A. Again a debatable subject. The process of the bacteria growing and removing nitrate and phosphate in your aquarium with external sources of carbon, NP-Active Pearls or vodka, is complex. However, the bacteria do need some phosphate to grow so using GFO and…
Seachem PhosNet Synthetic Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO)
Starting at $10.99
…Synthetic Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) boasts high porosity, high surface area, and high binding capacity for permanent removal of phosphates and silicates without releasing them back into your aquarium. Less dust and is easier to use than most competing GFO products. Effective use with freshwater…
Neptune Systems PMUP Practical Multi-Purpose Utility Pump with Power Supply
Starting at $49.95
…intake and top output is great for use in jugs or other RO containers. Just drop it in!Popular uses include: Automatic Top-Off (ATO) Carbon reactors GFO reactors Biopellet reactors Return pump in nano aquarium Many other salt or freshwater usesSpecificationsDimensions: 4.5" x 2.2"Output: 100gph @…
Chemi-Pure & Chemi-Pure Elite
Starting at $48.88
*Multi-purpose chemical filter media removes dissolved organics and other harmful compounds*Enjoy sparkling water and maintain a perfect pH in any aquarium*Lasts 4 - 6 times longer than average carbonEnjoy superior water quality for a healthier aquarium inhabitants. Works equally well in marine or…
Innovative Marine MiniMax All-In-One Media Reactor
Starting at $99.99
…is held in place with o-rings.The MiniMax is designed to work with Bio Pellets, granular ferric oxide (GFO), or pelletized carbon. Generally, Bio Pellets require a stronger tumble, while GFO and pelletized carbon require less flow to prevent crumbling. Please check the manufacturer's instructions…
Blue Life Clear FX Pro
Starting at $12.59
…resin that works more effectively than Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) phosphate removers. The resin's spherical beaded structure will not clump or clog. The long lasting, high capacity resin absorbs phosphates in half the time as a standard GFO and will not release phosphates back into the water after…
Sicce Bio Pellet Plus Reactor with Pump
Starting at $113.89
…of Bio PelletsFor tanks up to 290 gallons Measures 5.5" x 13" high1/2" hose barb inlet/outletIncludes 2 ft of 1/2 Vincon tubingTips1. Do not use GFO during the initial phases of starting the reactor.2. Activate by Aqualife will increase reactor efficiency and diversify good bacteria colonies in…
Neptune Systems 1/2" Flow Sensor with Unions
Starting at $29.95
*Compatible with your Flow Monitoring Module*Sends flow data directly to your Apex unit*Perfect for use with aquarium accessories like reactors and carbon/GFO filters. The Neptune Systems 1/2" Flow Sensor with Unions is pairs with your Flow Monitoring Module and your Apex unit to measure water flow.…
Red Sea REEFER Filter Media Cup
(LiveAquaria® Approved)
Starting at $17.99
…cup into your filter sock holder and fill with desired media -- whether it's filter floss or filter pads, or bagged media like activated carbon or GFO. Holes at the base of the cup allow for free movement of water through the media. These 4" filter media cups include a free high quality filter media…
Aquaforest® Fluidized Media Reactor
Starting at $109.99
…the internal sponge and also prevent the passage of filter medium outside the housing (important in the case of resins or absorbers such as GFO). AF 110 - Accommodates up to 3L of media-->AF 150 - Accommodates up to 7.2L of media Reactor Specs AF 90: Diameter pipe: 90mmHeight:…