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Gold Molly

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Gold Dust Molly
(Poecilia sphenops)
Starting at $3.19
Gold Dust Molly should only share an aquarium with other peaceful fish that prefer hard water with elevated salt levels. The male Gold Dust Molly is more slender and has a gonopodium. In contrast, the female Gold Dust Molly is more rounded in shape and develops a pregnancy spot. The Gold Dust Molly
Gold Doubloon Molly
(Poecilia latipinna)
Starting at $6.99
…and gold that accentuates its playful and energetic behavior. The colorful and lively Gold Doubloon Molly makes a peaceful addition to most aquariums. The Gold Doubloon Molly prefers hard, alkaline water conditions and may not thrive in aquariums with acidic or soft water. The Gold Doubloon Molly
Black Molly
(Poecilia latipinna)
Starting at $2.69
The Black Molly is a short-finned hybrid variation of Poecilia latipinna, the Sailfin Molly. The Black Molly is all black in coloration with short fins. They may have patches of a slight gold or silver coloration when a juvenile, but will outgrow this with age. Mollies have the ability to adapt to a…
Harlequin Sailfin Molly
(Poecilia latipinna)
Starting at $15.99
Scatter-speckled with gold, black, and white patches, these Harlequin Sailfin Mollies are sure to dazzle. Like other members of the Poecilia genus, this fish is particularly suited for community aquariums with hard water. Known as a peaceful fish, it makes the perfect addition to any community…
Platinum Lyretail Molly
(Poecilia velifera)
Starting at $6.99
…Lyretail Molly, also called the Mexican Lyretail Molly, Giant Lyretail Molly, Yucatan Molly, and sometimes simply Lyretail Molly, is a hybrid color variation of the Poecilia velifera, Lyretail Molly. They are a platinum/gold-colored fish that are peaceful and prefer hard water. Mollies have the…