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Green Catfish

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Emerald Green Cory Cat
(Brochis splendens)
Starting at $6.79
…an iridescent, emerald green body with pinkish underparts. In addition to an ornamental presence, the Emerald Green Cory Cat provides the valuable service of devouring uneaten food on the aquarium bottom.Also known as the Green Catfish or Emerald Brochis, the Emerald Green Cory Cat comes from the…
Otocinclus Catfish
(Otocinclus vestitus)
Starting at $2.09
…Otocinclus Catfish does a great job keeping aquarium glass and plants free of distracting green. Your aquascape and schooling fish will take center stage when the Otocinclus Catfish turns problem algae into delicious meals using its sucker-type mouth.The Otocinclus is one of the smallest catfish in…
Peppered Cory Cat
(Corydoras paleatus)
Starting at $4.89
…the tributaries of larger river systems in South America, and is a peaceful bottom dwelling scavenger. The Peppered Cory Cat has black and dark green spots, with a white underside.The Peppered Cory Cat requires a well-planted aquarium with plenty of hiding places that provide relief from the light.…
Redstriped Eartheater Cichlid
(Geophagus surinamensis)
Starting at $8.99
…burrowers, and care should be taken when creating the caves, so that they do not collapse. The Redstriped Eartheater can be kept in tanks with large catfish as tank mates.The Redstriped Eartheater will pair up and form nuclear families. They are territorial and extremely aggressive during spawning.…
Aquatic Nutrition Giant Fish Grower Fish Feed, 20 lb Bag
Starting at $32.99
…also adds nutrients that promote a healthy population of plankton and green water. Providing Giant Fish Grower also feeds the prey species that feed the predator species within your pond. Predator species such as catfish typically feed on smaller organisms in the food chain like minnows, crayfish,…
Mango (L-47) Plecostomus
(Parancistrus sp. Magnum)
Starting at $99.99
The Mango Plecostomus comes from the Amazon Basin of South America. This Plecostomus can be identified by its lime green body coloration with a bright yellow stripe on both the dorsal and caudal fin. This hard to find species makes a good addition to any community tank.Planted tanks with high…
Rod's Food Breeder Blend Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $20
…Shrimp, Krill, Pacific Plankton (like mysis but from the ocean), Whole Oyster, Whole Clam, Whole Octopus, Perch, Scallop, Brine-Shrimp, Fish Eggs, Green Seaweed, Certified Raw Red Seaweed, Mini-Pellets, Baby Brine Shrimp, Rotifers, Astaxanthin, Beta-Carotene, Garlic, and Omega 3-Fatty Acids (DHA). …