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Groupers Fish

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Leaflip Grouper
(Pogonoperca punctata)
Starting at $89.99
…aquarium is required due to its size and eating habits. It is an aggressive fish and may eat tank mates as well as crustaceans. The mucous of the coat is toxic and deters other fish from trying to eat it.The Leaflip Grouper prefers a diet of meaty foods such as krill, shrimp, and other small…
Marine Betta
(Calloplesiops altivelis)
Starting at $99.99
…all small fish and shrimp. It is nocturnal and requires hiding places to provide it shelter from bright lighting, being more active at dusk.When first introduced into the aquarium, live saltwater feeder shrimp should be used to entice this fish to eat. Using live foods such as feeder fish or shrimp…
Miniatus Grouper
(Cephalopholis miniatus)
Starting at $59.99
The Miniatus Grouper, also known as the Miniata Grouper, Coral or Blue-Spot Rockcod, Coral Hind, and Coral Grouper, is a common and popular fish along the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific, and it makes a most spectacular addition to a large home aquarium. In the wild, it can attain sizes up to 18",…
Red Flag Grouper
(Cephalopholis urodeta)
Starting at $29.99
…Coral-cod, and the V-tail Grouper. It has a red body, sometimes mottled with white. The two white stripes on the caudal fin (tail) appear to form a "V."A 180 gallon or larger aquarium is required due to its size and feeding habits. It is an extremely aggressive fish and may eat its tank mates…
Ocean Nutrition Squid Flat Pack
Starting at $5.99
…to aquarium fish nutrition * Entice picky aquarium fish with natural squid flavor and texture Frozen squid chunks ideal for carnivorous or omnivorous aquarium fish - especially larger marine fish. Ocean Nutrition Chopped Squid delivers the natural nutrition of squid Groupers, Lionfish, Eels,…
Pollenei Grouper
(Cephalopholis polleni)
Starting at $99.99
Grouper, also known as the Harlequin Rockcod or Harlequin Hind, is beautifully colored with a green and yellow body with yellow tipped dorsal and anal fins. The body of these fish is lined in blue. These fish are a rare find in the industry and make a great addition to a large saltwater fish only…
Blue Line Grouper
(Cephalopholis formosa)
Starting at $59.99
The Blue Line Grouper, also known as the Boenacki Grouper or Blue-lined Hind, is light red with multiple vertical blue lines. The fins are highlighted with dark blue.A 250 gallon or larger aquarium is required due to its size and feeding habits. It is an extremely aggressive fish and may eat its…
Blue Tip Longfin Grouper
(Paraplesiops poweri)
Starting at $279.99
…contain small fish or invertebrates. A 70-gallon or larger aquarium is required due to its size and feeding habits. It prefers plenty of hiding places provided by live rock. It will consume any small fish or crustacean that is small enough to swallow whole. The Blue Tip Longfin Grouper prefers a…
Evansi Anthias
(Pseudanthias evansi)
Starting at $39.99
…marine fish, the Evansi Anthias is also known as the Yellowtail Goldie or Evan's Anthias. It is predominantly violet, the flanks are sprinkled with yellow dots, and an orange line runs laterally from nose to pectoral fin.With a peaceful nature, this fish does well with other non-aggressive fish of…
Ocean Nutrition Frozen Chopped Clams
Starting at $2.49
…including Oscars, Fire Mouths and other South American Cichlids. Great for marine species including Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, Trigger Fish, Snappers, Damsels, Eels, Groupers, Puffers, Harlequin Tusks and more. Ingredients: Clams, Water, Guar Gum. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein…
Macneill's Assessor Basslet
(Assessor macneilli)
Starting at $89.99
The Macneill's Assessor Basslet, also referred to as MacNeill's Mini Grouper or Blue Assessor Basslet, is entirely dusky dark blue. This is an excellent choice for reef aquariums.For a single Macneill's Assessor Basslet, provide at least a 30 gallon tank - larger for more individuals and plenty of…
San Francisco Bay Brand Krill Flat Pack
Starting at $9.99
…Important: Microwaving or thawing in hot water is not recommended, as this breaks down the nutrients contained in frozen fish food.Recommended ForSaltwater: Triggers, Puffers, Groupers, Eels, Lionfish, Angels and others.Freshwater: Central & South American Cichlids, Piranha, Catfish, Koi, Aquatic…
Blue and Yellow Fusiler
(Caesio xanthonota)
Starting at $69.99
…draw more timid fish out into the open. A 125-gallon or larger aquarium with plenty of swimming room is recommended. A small school of 5 or more Blue and Yellow Fusilers makes an impressive display in a large FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock) aquarium. They do well with groupers, snappers, large…
TetraCichlid Jumbo Sticks
Starting at $8.99
…color, vitality, and healthy fish growth. Ideal for large cichlids such as Oscars, Green Terrors, and Dempseys as well as large carnivorous fish such as Piranhas and Arowanas. Also great for large marine fish including Lionfish, Triggerfish, Angels, and Groupers. 7.40 oz. Pellets measure…
San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Brine Shrimp Cubes
Starting at $4.99
…Cichlids, Gouramis, Livebearers, Loaches, Eels, Catfish, African Cichlids, Sharks, Silver Dollars and all Saltwater Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Damsels, Clownfish, Groupers, Eels, and Tangs.Brine ShrimpIngredients: Brine Shrimp, Water and Carrageenan. Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 4.7% min Fat 0.8%…