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Hairy Mushroom

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Hairy Mushroom
(Rhodactis indosinensis)
Starting at $39.99
The Rhodactis Hairy Mushroom is a member of the order Corallimorpharia and occurs in many colors including brown and tan, and the more colorful green. Like the name suggests, the surface of these mushrooms are covered with many hair-like tentacles, giving it a hairy appearance.It is very easy to…
Beginner Mushroom and Polyp Pack
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $139.99
…new species.Package Contains 1 Colony Polyp - Med or Green Zoanthid - Med 1 Yellow Colony Polyp - Med 1 Hairy Mushroom Coral - Med orLavender Mushroom - Med 1 Bullseye Mushroom Coral - Med orGreen Fluorescent Mushroom Coral - Med orGreen Mushroom - Med Approximate Purchase Size: Medium: 2" to 5"
Bullseye Rhodactis Mushroom
(Rhodactis inchoata)
Starting at $39.99
The Rhodactis Bullseye Rhodactis Mushroom is also known as the Tonga Blue Mushroom. Less commonly, it is referred to as a Hairy or Small Elephant Ear Mushroom. It usually is a violet to blue color, often with margins and highlights of green. It may have a red mouth, has papillae that form…
White Tip Mushroom
(Rhodactis sp.)
Starting at $44.99
The White Tip Mushroom originates within the reefs surrounding Tonga. They are a larger species of mushroom attaining a maximum size of about 6" in diameter. The surface of these mushrooms is hairy in appearance, and is tan in color with bright white tips on each of the vesicles. They are a very…