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145 products
Celebes Half Beak
(Nomorhamphus liemi)
Starting at $6.99
The Celebes Half Beak is a very active schooling fish belonging to the Hemirhamphidae family. Males of this species have very colorful fins and a black lobe on the lower jaw. Females have less color in the fins and have a red or uncolored lobe.A community aquarium with plants, rocks, caves, and…
Half Black Angelfish
(Pterophyllum scalare)
Starting at $12.99
The Half Black Angelfish will bring a sophisticated beauty to your community aquarium. The front half is shimmering silver and back half is black.These fish prefer a well-planted tank of at least 30 gallons with soft, slightly acidic water. Rocks and driftwood can be added to the aquarium, but leave…
Half Black Angelfish
(Centropyge vroliki)
Starting at $26.99
The Half Black Angelfish, like its name is half black and half pearled in coloration.It requires at least a 70 gallon tank with lots of hiding places. The Half Black Angelfish should be the only dwarf angelfish in the tank. It is not a good reef dweller and may eat soft coral polyps, clam mantles,…
Mimic Half Black Tang
(Acanthurus chronixis)
Starting at $29.99
The Mimic Half Black Tang, also known as the Mimic Surgeonfish, make excellent additions to your reef community because they are peaceful, readily accept prepared foods, and won't outgrow their surroundings too quickly. The Mimic Half Black Tang closely resembles the Half Black Dwarf Angelfish to…
Hikari Bio-Pure Clam On A Half Shell
Starting at $3.99
…Clam On A Half Shell makes a great meaty addition to the carnivore diet. Juicy freshwater clams include half shell to promote natural wear of teeth while aiding in the osmotic process in marine aquarium species.Hikari's signature 3-step sterilization process keeps Bio-Pure Clam On A Half Shell free…
Bicolor Goatfish
(Parupeneus barberinoides)
Starting at $44.99
The Bicolor Goatfish has a burgundy anterior and yellow posterior divided by a white band. There is a black dot on the posterior portion and a pair of white stripes on the anterior portion giving it the name Dash and Dot Goatfish. Both head and tail also have blue markings. Goatfish are relatively…
Black Kuhlii Loach
(Pangio sp.)
Starting at $2.89
The Black Kuhlii Loach is one of about 100 species in the Cobitidae family. Loaches are bottom dwelling scavengers with reduced or absent scales and a mouth surrounded by barbels used to taste. At times, the loach will lie on its side when there are insufficient hiding places, giving the impression…
Halfmoon Butterfly Betta, Blue
(Betta splendens)
Starting at $29.99
…this variety of Betta splendens has been selectively bred to exhibit a gorgeous "Half Moon" tail. The Blue Halfmoon Butterfly Betta has highly ornate fins with the caudal (tail) fin forming a semicircle or "half moon" shape. The caudal spread of a Halfmoon Betta is 180 degrees. The Blue Halfmoon…
Halfmoon Betta, Red Dragon
(Betta splendens)
Starting at $29.99
…has been selectively bred to exhibit two distinct traits - the "Half Moon" tail and the striking "Red Dragon" color pattern. A Halfmoon Betta demonstrates highly ornate fins with the caudal (tail) fin forming a semicircle or "half moon" shape. The caudal spread of a Halfmoon Betta is 180 degrees.…
Yellowtail Damselfish
(Chrysiptera parasema)
Starting at $5.99
The Yellowtail Damselfish is extremely hardy and gorgeously colored. In fact, Chrysiptera parasema is considered by many aquarists, both beginning and advanced, to be the ultimate damselfish. This is partly because its jewel-blue body is contrasted by an energizing yellow tail. This color…
V2O Foods Mini Mysis Cubes
Starting at $3.59
…Mysis shrimp Feed your small fish, seahorses, seadragons, and any marine or freshwater fish with small mouths nutritious and tasty shrimp that are half the size of the freshwater Piscine Mysis. V2O Mysis Shrimp are voraciously consumed by marine fish even finicky eaters like Mandarin gobies. Also,…
Arc Eye Hawkfish
(Paracirrhitus arcuatus)
Starting at $24.99
The Arc Eye Hawkfish, also known as Arc-Eyed Hawkfish, has an orange colored body with a white horizontal bar on the back half. The operculum and eyes have the most distinctive markings, with an alternating blue and bright orange pattern.A 30 gallon or larger aquarium provides a good environment. It…
Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater
Starting at $58.89
*Shatterproof aquarium heater with advanced microprocessor technology*Accurate aquarium temperature control within half a degree Fahrenheit*Sleek stylish design allows discreet placement to maintain aquarium aestheticsFlat, narrow design provides sleek, subtle aquarium heating. Within the stylish…
Reef Octopus Recirculating Skimmer
Starting at $254.99
* High quality acrylic protein skimmer at a hobby-friendly price! * Effectively removes aquarium waste for improved water quality * Modified cone neck streamlines transition of skimmate into collection cup Powerful external skimmer doubles as an in-sump unit to extend your hobby dollars. Reef…
Dwarf Zebra/Orange & Black Hermit (Build Your Own Kit) - 5 Pack
(Calcinus laevimanus)
Starting at $7.5
…the entrance to its shell. Members of the genus Calcinus have long eye stalks. In the case of Calcinus laevimanus, the lower half of the eyestalk is blue, and the upper half, orange. The Dwarf Zebra/Orange & Black Hermit Crab is a valuable addition to an aquarium because it eats many kinds of algae,…