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Halimeda Plant
(Halimeda sp.)
Starting at $14.99
The Halimeda plant is a green calcareous macroalgae found within tropical oceans worldwide, and is a beautiful decorative plant for a marine aquarium. The irregular oval segments of Halimeda appear as several small green coins glued from end-to-end, forming a chain. For this reason, Halimeda may…
Kent Marine Purple Tech
Starting at $9.99
…This product will raise the concentration of calcium, magnesium, strontium, trace minerals, and carbonates (alkalinity/buffering capacity) in the system. It also contains a natural plant growth regulator to stimulate the growth of purple coralline and green calcareous macro-algae such as Halimeda.
CaribSea Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Sand
Starting at $33.3
…(measured by BET N2 method) = .728m2/g = 3,569 ft 2/lb.Biogenic and clastic grain compositionComprised of aragonite coated grains, Ooids, Halimeda incrassata, Halimeda favulosa, Goniolithon ssp., Lithothamnium ssp., Cerithidae ssp. (gastropod mollusk). Benthic Foraminifera ssp., Homotrema rubrum,…
CaribSea A.R.K. Aragonite Refugium Kit
Starting at $80.47
…and larger invertebrates such as shrimp, worms, and serpent stars. Also inside, a 5 lb bag of CaribSea's Mineral Mud to be used around Caulerpa, Halimeda, and other macro-algae plantings or anchors.The A.R.K. also contains a 4-ounce bottle of PurpleUp, the only patented coralline algae accelerator,…
Liquid Reef
Starting at $16.71
…mollusks including clams (bivalves) and snails (gastropods); tube worms that secrete calcareous burrows; and calcareous algae such as coralline, Halimeda, and Penicilus. These organisms require that the components of aragonite be in adequate concentrations if they are to thrive, regardless of how…