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Hard Coral

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Brain Coral, Lobophyllia
(Lobophyllia hemprichii)
Starting at $34.99
The Lobophyllia Brain Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral often referred to as a Lobed, Colored, Carpet, Flat, or Open Brain Coral, Meat Coral, Modern Coral, or Large Flower Coral. It has fleshy polyps that hide its calcareous skeleton. It is found in a variety of textures and color forms. Some…
Venus Anemone Shrimp
(Anclyomenes venustus)
Starting at $19.99
The Venus Anemone Shrimp, or Glass Shrimp, is a commensal shrimp commonly found living on sea anemones, and hard corals such as Heliofungia sp. and Euphyllia sp. Their near transparency allows Venus Anemone Shrimp to virtually disappear within their surroundings, making them a hidden treasure to…
Clown Goby, Green
(Gobiodon atrangulatus)
Starting at $8.99
The Green Clown Goby, also known as the Earspot Coral Goby, is common within the reefs of the Indo Pacific, found usually among soft and hard coral colonies. They are a small stocky shaped fish with a very large head for their size. There are many different color variations, and this species is a…
Spotted Coral Croucher
(Caracanthus maculatus)
Starting at $39.99
The Spotted Coral Croucher resembles a goby and is actually a member of the scorpionfish family. These fish are native to the reefs in Indonesia to the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. They are often found in and about both hard and soft corals. This fish is gray/white in color with many red dots…
Red Sea Coral Colors ABCD Reef Supplement Multipack
Starting at $21.99
…soft tissues of corals and all micro-fauna. Common indication of overdose is a severe regression of the soft tissues of hard corals and pale colors in soft corals. In case of over dosing, change 50% of the water and reduce the supplementing dosage by 50%. Red Sea Coral Colors B Reef…
Stylophora Coral
(Stylophora spp.)
Starting at $29.99
The Stylophora Coral is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral commonly referred to as Cat's Paw, Club Finger, Cluster, Brush, or Bird's Nest Coral. It has rounded branches with blunt ends that differentiate it from other closely related SPS corals. It is a beautiful pink in color, and is able to adapt to…
LiveAquaria® Certified Limited Edition Frag Pack, Aquacultured
(Various sp.)
Starting at $159.99
…Limited Edition Frag Pack contains our pick of frags seen previously only in the Aquacultured Corals Section of Diver's Den® (WYSIWYG). This package is ideal for the avid collector of hard to find Acro frags, and will add a dramatic splash of color to any reef aquarium. The ideal conditions…
Neon Pineapple Tree Coral, Aquacultured
(Capnella sp.)
Starting at $29.99
…of the coral resembles a pinecone or pineapple. The parent colony of these coral frags was originally collected in the Soloman Islands, was maintained in house, and then quarantined and given a health inspection before being propagated.It is not normally considered a threat to hard corals since it…
Tooth Coral
(Galaxea spp.)
Starting at $39.99
…colors.It is an aggressive coral in the reef aquarium, and therefore, needs adequate space between itself and other corals. Its polyps can extend up to several inches at night and will sting and cause damage to other species of corals that it can reach. The Tooth Coral requires strong lighting…
Kenya Tree Coral
(Capnella sp.)
Starting at $44.99
…Soft Coral, Nephthea, or Nephthya, is similar to the members of both the Litophytonand Nephthea genera. It lives in a wide range of the Indo-Pacific. It has a thick trunk, like a tree, and many branches giving it an arboreal appearance. It is not normally considered a threat to hard corals, but may…
Starting at $9.99
…I provides coral reef aquariums with iodide in a unique triple-release system. Chelated liquid iodide supplement slowly release free iodide for sustained availability over several weeks of time. Long-acting iodide supplement assists hard corals and helps prevent bleaching of corals due to changes…
Red Sea Coral Colors A Reef Supplement
Starting at $14.99
…on the soft tissues of corals and all micro-fauna. Common indication of overdose is a severe regression of the soft tissues of hard corals and pale colors in soft corals. In case of over dosing, change 50% of the water and reduce the supplementing dosage by 50%. Coral Color AIodine/Halogen complex…
Alveopora Coral, Branched
(Alveopora sp.)
Starting at $59.99
…a coral similar to the hard to maintain Goniopora. The Branched Alveopora Coral requires low to moderate lighting combined with low water movement. For continued good health, it will also require the addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water.The diet of this coral should…
Squamosa Clam, Aquacultured
(Tridacna squamosa)
Starting at $49.99
…range in the wild and are found in Central and South Pacific, the Coral Sea, the Indo-Pacific through the Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea. They occupy coral reef habitats, commonly found living among live and dead stony corals of the genus Acropora at depths up to 50 feet. All of these clams entering…
Micronesian Bubble Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Plerogyra sp.)
Starting at $44.99
…reef aquarium. Too much water flow may impede the coral from fully expanding. Keep in mind the fleshy polyps of Bubble Corals are very fragile and will puncture easily. Be careful when handling these corals and to only handle them by the hard skeleton. Because they can extend long sweeper tentacles,…