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Herbivore Food

186 products
Cobalt Aquatics Algae Grazers
Starting at $21.99
…balanced sinking fish food for aquarium herbivores*Mix of marine and plant based ingredients deliver quality nutrition*Perfect for bottom feeding aquarium herbivores such as plecosPremium nutrition tailored to the feeding behavior of shy bottom-feeding herbivores. Quick-sinking Cobalt Aquatics…
Saki-Hikari® Marine Herbivore Pellet Food
Starting at $10.29
…like fish that just came off the reef*Rapidly hydrating, easy-to-swallow pellet has a unique texture fish love The Saki-Hikari Marine Herbivore Pellet Food features a special probiotic called Hikari-Germ. This unique, living micro-organism couples with a carefully selected ingredient mix to…
Drs. Foster & Smith Marine Herbivore Flakes
Starting at $11.99
…USA to ensure optimal quality & aquarium fish nutritionIrresistible fortified nutrition supports proper herbivore growth, development and coloration. Drs. Foster and Smith Marine Herbivore Flakes with spirulina feature a diverse assortment of quality ingredients including garlic, increase…
Rod's Food Herbivore Blend Frozen Reef Food
Starting at $20
…frozen food for mixed reefs with herbivores* Contains more veggies & seaweed than Rod's Food Original Blend* 5 micron-3/8" particle size range feeds aquarium corals, fish, & more!Keep herbivores in mixed reef aquariums properly fed with an extra helping of veggies and seaweed. Rod's Food Herbivore
Rod's Food Seaweed Blend Fish Food
Starting at $8
…other grazersProvide marine herbivores varied greens for all-day grazing. Rod's Food Seaweed Blend Fish Food is a premium blend of three types of dry seaweed offering marine herbivores plant food perfect for grazing all day long. Rod's Food Seaweed Blend Fish Food contains high-quality green…
One Spot Foxface
(Siganus unimaculatus)
Starting at $39.99
…of LPS and soft coral polyps.The diet of the One Spot Foxface should include fresh vegetables and algae. Provide a variety of prepared herbivore foods rich in vegetable matter and supplement diet with algae sheets to help reduce potential nipping damage to soft and hard coral polyps.Approximate…
Cobalt Aquatics Marine Vegi Cubes Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $7.19
* Frozen aquarium fish food for premium marine herbivore nutrition* Highly palatable formula for all herbivorous marine aquarium fish* Helps condition finicky fish to accept prepared aquarium fish foodsEnsure marine herbivore nutrition with an enticing variety of premium ingredients. Cobalt Aquatics…
Ocean Nutrition Formula Two RDF Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $4.99
…Formula Two frozen food formulated to maximize fish nutrition* Rapid Delivery Formulation contains bite-size pieces with extra algae* Helps encourage natural feeding response in herbivorous and omnivorous marine fishesInnovative frozen fish food delivers a gourmet diet for herbivorous and omnivorous…
Drs. Foster & Smith Algae Drops® Food for Bottom-Feeding Herbivorous Fish including Plecos
Starting at $16.99
*Food for bottom-feeding aquarium herbivores including Plecostomus*Sinking pellets deliver balanced nutrition to aquarium bottom dwellers*Made in the USA with a mix of marine and plant-based ingredientsBalanced nutrition with diverse ingredients delivered directly where bottom-feeding herbivores
Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Frozen Food
Starting at $6.99
…frozen fish food Offer your aquarium herbivores and omnivores the nutrition they deserve. Extra algae PLUS fresh seafood ingredients make Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Frozen Food an irresistible gourmet food for herbivorous and omnivorous marine fish. It's excellent for most herbivorous as well as…
Cobalt Aquatics Spirulina Premium Fish Food
Starting at $5.99
…vibrant fish.Highly palatable Cobalt Aquatics Spirulina Premium Fish Food boasts signature blue flakes or blue pellets to support overall fish health necessary to resist disease. Great for freshwater and saltwater aquarium herbivorous or omnivorous fish. Made in the USA from ingredients sourced in…
V2O Fish & Reef Variety Bulk Cubes Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $19.08
…mussels. This tasty frozen fish food also contains krill oil, brown seaweed, garlic, stabilized Vitamin C, and added vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Fish & Reef #2, for herbivores (algae eaters), makes an excellent food for Tangs and small Angelfish. Primary food ingredients include rotifers,…
Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Spirulina Premium Fish Food Flakes
Starting at $17.45
…color and palatability *Creates less waste for a cleaner aquarium*Ideal for all herbivorous tropical and marine fishPerfect for herbivorous tropical and marine fish, Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Spirulina Premium Fish Food Flakes feature 20% spirulina and are enhanced with 40 ppm astaxinthin, paprika, and…
Cobalt Aquatics Frozen Shrimp & Vegi Cubes Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $7.19
* Nutritious frozen aquarium fish food blend with 3 types of shrimp* Contains spirulina & chlorella algae for herbivorous aquarium fish* Great for fresh & saltwater aquarium fish including African cichlidsDelectable 3 shrimp blend with spirulina and chlorella algae delivers outstanding natural…
Ocean Nutrition Pygmy Angel Formula Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $4.99
…Frozen Fish Food makes it easier to care for these popular marine aquarium fish. Formulated specifically to meet the needs of Pygmy Angelfish, this nutritious blend combines sponge, several species of marine algae and spirulina with the freshest seafood. Fortified frozen fish food contains added…