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High Light Corals

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Tube Coral, Yellow
(Tubastrea sp.)
Starting at $49.99
…branching off in all directions.The Yellow Tube Coral can be quite fragile and must be handled with extra care. When placing in the aquarium, it must be picked up by its underside. It should have moderate to high water current combined with low lighting levels. It will also benefit from the addition…
Maxima Clam Colored, Aquacultured ORA®
(Tridacna maxima)
Starting at $59.99
…intense lighting as their membrane is much thinner than larger specimens. For this reason, care should be taken to properly photo-adapt them to the existing reef aquarium lighting in a similar manner to newly introduced stony and soft corals. When adapting a new Maxima Clam to very intense lighting,
Squamosa Clam, Aquacultured
(Tridacna squamosa)
Starting at $49.99
…require moderate to high lighting to thrive as they contain the symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae, and receive the majority of their nutrition from the light through photosynthesis. Smaller T. squamosa that are 2" or less in size are much more sensitive to very intense lighting as their membrane…
Green Fluorescent Mushroom
(Actinodiscus sp.)
Starting at $44.99
…lower in the tank if the light intensity is high. These mushrooms require a low to moderate indirect water flow. Too much water movement will inhibit these mushrooms to fully expand. They are semi-aggressive and require adequate space between themselves and other corals and sessile invertebrates.…
Babylon Snail (Build Your Own Kit)
(Babylonia sp.)
Starting at $6
…or reef aquarium that utilizes a sand bed. Babylon Snails are nocturnal animals and normally are visible later in the day or evening after the lights go out on the display. These beneficial snails help clean and aerate sandy substrate and scavenge for uneaten food and decaying organics in a similar…
Tabling Acropora Coral, Green
(Acropora sp.)
Starting at $59.99
…with bright lighting provided by preferably intense metal halides. Acropora coral can also thrive under multiple T-5 or compact fluorescent lamps if placed high in the aquarium. Under the right conditions, the growth rate of the Acropora coral is much more rapid than most other corals found in an…
Wildwood Bottle Brush Acropora Coral, Aquacultured
(Acropora aculeus)
Starting at $29.99
…of these coral frags was collected in Fiji at a depth of about 35-45 feet and then quarantined and given a health inspection before being propagated. The Wildwood Bottle Brush Acropora Coral prefers a high light level of at least 5 watts per gallon provided by metal halide lighting combined with…
Mushroom Coral, Red
(Actinodiscus sp.)
Starting at $59.99
…aquarium if the light intensity is high. The Actinodiscus Mushrooms prefer a low to medium water flow within the aquarium, although different species may have different requirements. They are semi-aggressive and require adequate space between themselves and other corals and sessile invertebrates.…
Aquaforest® AF Pure Food
Starting at $13.99
…growth of corals and other invertebrates. AF Pure Food is derived from the tissues of coral -- it is the same food that corals would feed on in their natural habitat. AF Pure Food also helps to stabilize the pH in saltwater aquariums. Suitable for soft coral,LPS coral, and SPS coral.
Pacific Flower/Ricordea Mushroom, Purple
(Ricordea yuma)
Starting at $99.99
…Flower Mushroom Coral, is a member of the order Corallimorpharia (Stephenson, 1937), and has short, club, or berry-shaped tentacles. It shares some similarities to stony corals, and is also termed a Disc Anemone. It is found in a variety of color forms.It requires a medium to high light level, but…
Tree Coral, Assorted
(Paralemnalia sp.)
Starting at $39.99
…space needs to be provided between them and other corals within the reef aquarium. They are moderately difficult to maintain in the reef aquarium but make excellent corals for the established reef aquarium system. They require medium to high lighting combined with medium to strong water movement.…
Australian Delicate Acropora Coral - Aquacultured, ORA®
(Acropora sp.)
Starting at $46.99
…Acropora Coral prefers a high light level combined with strong intermittent water current within the aquarium. For continued good health, it will require the addition of supplemental calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water. These aquacultured corals are fragmented from corals that…
Young Blushing Finger Leather Coral
(Sinularia sp.)
Starting at $44.99
…they are contracted. Some Young Blushing Finger Leather Corals, however, have elongated branches.It is an aggressive coral and needs space between itself and others in the reef aquarium. It is relatively hardy, and requires medium to high lighting and medium to strong water movement, along with the…
Kelly Green Psammacora Coral - Aquacultured ORA®
(Psammacora sp.)
Starting at $34.99
…Kelly Green Psammacora Coral should be kept in a mid to low position. Under other lighting, the ORA Aquacultured Kelly Green Psammacora Coral can be kept in a mid to high position. To bring out the most intense coloration of this coral, we recommend metal halide lighting along with strong water…
Cabbage Leather Coral
(Sinularia brassica)
Starting at $34.99
corals in the reef aquarium. Some species are toxic to stony corals. It is very easy to maintain in the reef aquarium and makes an excellent coral for the beginning to expert reef aquarist. It requires medium to high lighting combined with moderate to strong water movement. Fluorescent lighting