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Hikari Shrimp Cuisine
Starting at $4.79
…for proper growth * Small sinking discs ensure proper shrimp nutrition without excess Keep your pet shrimp healthy and looking their best with Hikari Shrimp Cuisine. This premium diet was developed specifically for freshwater ornamental shrimp especially the popular caridina and neocaridina shrimp…
Hikari First Bites
Starting at $2.49
…or egg-laying aquarium fishHikari First Bites provide complete and balance nutrition for the all important development stage of your fry's life. Hikari First Bites promote proper feeding habits, long-term health, and superior disease resistance, allowing your fry to grow rapidly without fear of…
Hikari Micro Pellets
Starting at $72.79
* Nutritious micro-encapsulated pellet food for tropical aquarium fish * Excellent food choice for small tropical fish like tetras and barbs * Semi-floating pellets ideal for fish that feed at the surface or mid-water Quality pellet food specially developed for small-mouth tropical fishes. Highly…
Hikari Marine-A & Marine-S
Starting at $63.7
…Analysis Crude Protein 47.0% min. Crude Fat 5.0% min. Crude Fiber 10.0% max. Moisture 10.0% max. Crude Ash 17.0% max. Phosphorus 0.8% min. Hikari Tropical Marine-SIngredients:Fish Meal, Krill Meal, Whole Crushed Silkworm Pupae, Brewers Dried Yeast, Starch, Dried Seaweed Meal, Fish Oil, Wheat…
Hikari Cichlid Gold
Starting at $7.29
…with carotene and shrimp meal * Designed especially for aquarium fish that belong to the Cichlid family * Vitamin enriched for cichlid health Hikari Cichlid Gold is enriched with vitamins and supplements to provide balanced nutrition, disease immunity, and improved growth rate. Contains color…
Hikari Bio-Pure Clam On A Half Shell
Starting at $3.99
… * Flavorful meaty clams aid osmotic process in marine fish species Provide toothy aquarium carnivores maximum nutrition PLUS dental benefits. Hikari Bio-Pure Clam On A Half Shell makes a great meaty addition to the carnivore diet. Juicy freshwater clams include half shell to promote natural wear…
Hikari Aquarium Solutions Bacto-Surge Foam Filter
Starting at $3.29
…down aquarium waste*Dense, high-quality foam ensure reliable longer lasting aquarium useThe difference is in the quality of the foam sponge. Hikari Aquarium Solutions Bacto-Surge Foam Filter employs the highest-quality foam sponge they could source to provide outstanding mechanical and biological…
Hikari® Tropical Monstivore Delight® Fish Food Pellets for Large Carnivorous Fish
Starting at $51.79
…fish require*World's largest pellet for monster fish*Texture that mimics live foods Give your monster carnivorous fish the food they crave with Hikari Tropical Monstivore Delight Fish Food Pellets for Large Carnivorous Fish. Daily diet for monster fish softens rapidly while maintaining its shape…
Hikari Bio-Pure Food Varieties
Starting at $11.58
…of live foods without the hassle. Hikari foods are frozen using a superior method that preserves animal cells, so they keep their nutrients and flavor. Formulated to promote extraordinary health and color. Naturally free of parasites and harmful bacteria. Hikari foods soften quickly in the water,…
Hikari® Algae Wafers
Starting at $7.29
…shaped discs won't cloud aquarium waterNutrition specifically formulated for the hard-to-feed Plecostomus, but excellent for all algae eaters. Hikari Algae Wafers contain high levels of vegetable matter that algae eaters prefer and love. Vegetable and protein content is balanced to ensure nutrition…
Hikari Discus Bio-Gold
Starting at $11.79
…make Hikari Topical Discus Bio-Gold the first choice for most discus - even finicky eaters, juvenile or wild-caught specimens. It is a pellet perfectly designed for the normal feeding behavior of discus. Absorbs water quickly and becomes soft while retaining its shape. Best of all Hikari Tropical…
Hikari Blood-Red Parrot+
Starting at $22.29
…advance hobbyists who want their Red Parrot fish to develop their full potential.The superior color enhancing effect derived from Hikari's scientifically developed Hikari® Aquatic lab verified formula, which includes Chili Pepper, Phaffia Yeast, Krill, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin, and Marigold Flower…
Hikari Sinking Wafers
Starting at $6.49
…for bottom-feeding aquarium fish. Hikari Sinking Wafers deliver a balanced combination of nutrients to such bottom-feeders as Corydoras catfish and loaches. Contains high levels of vegetable matter and is supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Hikari Sinking Wafers are also high in stabilized…
Hikari Cichlid Staple
Starting at $5.29
* Designed to be an economical daily food for the Cichlid family * Can also be used for goldfish and koi * Floating pellets won't cloud the water Highly nutritional, daily diet rich in Vitamin C promotes stress resistance and disease immunity. Available in Baby, Mini, Medium,…
Hikari Sinking Carnivore
Starting at $8.49
* Nutritious pellet fish food fortified with vitamins and minerals * Sinking pellets great for larger carnivorous aquarium fish * Outstanding palatability your carnivorous fish cannot resist This scientific diet was specially developed for large bottom feeding carnivorous fish. It contains a…