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Hikari Krill

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Hikari Frozen Krill
Starting at $2.49
…fish * Vitamin enriched and color enhancing diet * Flash frozen and sterilized to ensure freshness, nutrition, and quality Hikari krill is an ideal dietary supplement for larger freshwater or marine fish. Also an excellent color enhancing diet. Three-step sterilization ensures…
Hikari Mega-Marine
Starting at $3.99
…odors. Fortified with multi-vitamins. Packed in pure water and available in convenient "no touch" cube packs. Ingredients: ocean plankton, krill, shrimp, sea urchin, sea worms, clam, mussel, squid, sea algae, spirulina, algae extract, cod liver oil, vitamin b12, vitamin d3, vitamin e supplements,…
Hikari Marine-A & Marine-S
Starting at $63.7
…47.0% min. Crude Fat 5.0% min. Crude Fiber 10.0% max. Moisture 10.0% max. Crude Ash 17.0% max. Phosphorus 0.8% min. Hikari Tropical Marine-SIngredients:Fish Meal, Krill Meal, Whole Crushed Silkworm Pupae, Brewers Dried Yeast, Starch, Dried Seaweed Meal, Fish Oil, Wheat Flour, Chitosan,…
Hikari Bio-Pure Food Varieties
Starting at $11.58
…of live foods without the hassle. Hikari foods are frozen using a superior method that preserves animal cells, so they keep their nutrients and flavor. Formulated to promote extraordinary health and color. Naturally free of parasites and harmful bacteria. Hikari foods soften quickly in the water,…
Hikari Jumbo CarniSticks
Starting at $37.29
…carnivorous aquarium fish.Each Hikari Jumbo CarniStick contains the caloric content of one live goldfish for easy-to-monitor fish nutrition. Fish and krill meal proteins plus added vitamins and minerals ensure quality nutrition that surpasses a live food diet. Each Hikari Jumbo CarniStick measures…
Hikari Goldfish Pellet Diets
Starting at $12.99
…"lionhead" shape of goldfish such as Ranchu, Oranda and Azumanishiki. Mini size. Sinking pellets. 12.3 oz. Hikari GoldIngredientsFish meal, flaked corn, wheat flour, soybean meal, krill meal, gluten meal, enzyme, DL-methionine, canthaxanthin, astaxanthin, garlic, monosodium glutamate, and…
Hikari Blood-Red Parrot+
Starting at $22.29
…fish to develop their full potential.The superior color enhancing effect derived from Hikari's scientifically developed Hikari® Aquatic lab verified formula, which includes Chili Pepper, Phaffia Yeast, Krill, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin, and Marigold Flower Meal (a source of Lutein), helps your Red…
Hikari Discus Bio-Gold
Starting at $11.79
…growth * Vitamin-fortified discus food contains premium ingredients Hikari Discus Bio-Gold promotes natural beauty and coloration in discus. Vitamin-fortified discus food contains premium natural ingredients including krill, silkworm pupa, fishmeal, cuttlefish meals and more to promote healthy…
Hikari Tropical Crab Cuisine
Starting at $2.79
…outer shells. Hikari Tropical Crab Cuisine provides your pet with a complete diet high in enriched calcium to promote shell development and good health in all crustacean varieties. 50 grams.IngredientsFish Meal, Flaked Corn, Wheat Flour, Rice Bran, Soybean Meal, Gluten Meal, Krill Meal, Fish Oil,…
Hikari Micro Wafers
Starting at $57.29
* Hikari Micro Wafers are the world's smallest wafers * Especially formulated for Tetras, Livebearers, Cichlids, and Catfish * Rich in Spirulina and Astaxanthin to promote vivid coloration World's smallest wafers deliver superior nutrition. Slow-sinking, high protein formula promotes growth and…
Hikari Spirulina Pellets
Starting at $17.79
…minutes. For best results, try to feed during the warmer part of the day.For 11-15°C (52-59°F) - Hikari suggests using Hikari Excel or Hikari Wheat-Germ.Below 11°C (52°F) - Hikari suggests using Hikari Wheat-Germ), specially designed for lower temperature digestibility.General InformationHikari…
Hikari Massivore Delite Nuggets
Starting at $51.79
…with live foods. Nutritionally complete to offer higher levels of necessary vitamins and minerals. Great for large catfish.Ingredients:Fish Meal, Krill Meal, Starch, Brewer's Dried Yeast, Soybean Meal, Fish Oil, Wheat Flour, Dried Seaweed Meal, Spirulina, Dl-Methionine, L-Lysine, Astaxanthin,…
Hikari Sinking Wafers
Starting at $6.49
…for bottom-feeding aquarium fish. Hikari Sinking Wafers deliver a balanced combination of nutrients to such bottom-feeders as Corydoras catfish and loaches. Contains high levels of vegetable matter and is supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Hikari Sinking Wafers are also high in stabilized…
Hikari Tropical Food Sticks
Starting at $9.64
…live foods. Specially formulated to help prevent nutritional deficiencies commonly associated with a diet consisting solely of live food items. Hikari Food Sticks also reduce the risk of potential infection due to parasites or bacteria found in live foods. High in stabilized Vitamin C and contains…
Hikari Cichlid Excel
Starting at $9.79
… Moisture 10% max. Ash 13% max. Phosphorus 0.8% min. Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat flour, flaked corn (processed), wheat-germ meal, spirulina, krill meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal, brewer's dried yeast, DL-methionine, garlic, astaxanthin, and vitamins (including stabilized vitamin C), minerals and…