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Hob Protein Skimmer

4 products
JBJ SK-45 Protein Skimmer
Starting at $79.73
…dedicated Protein Skimmer/ Heater Chamber.For JBJ RL-30 & RL-45 Rimless Aquariums: Place in dedicated Protein Skimmer Chamber.SK-45 Water LevelThe SK-45 Protein Skimmer will run effectively if the water line is just below the Collections Cup.Controlling SkimmerThe SK-45 Protein Skimmer uses the…
Reef Octopus Classic HOB Protein Skimmers
Starting at $174.99
…100 HOB features an internally mounted pump while the Classic 1000 HOB features externally mounted pumps to eliminate potential heat transfer into your aquarium.Reef Octopus Classic HOB Protein Skimmers are external mount units and hang on the back of your aquarium.SpecificationsClassic 100 HOB
Eshopps Eclipse Slim Overflow Systems
Starting at $109.99
…industry. Their brand is best known for manufacturing high-quality line of acrylic sumps like our wet dry filters, reef sumps, refugiums and protein skimmers.Primary FocusEshopps' goal is to provide hobbyists high quality products with a simple and clean design at a highly affordable price.…
Reef Octopus Classic 90 HOB Protein Skimmer
Starting at $209.99
…Classic 90 HOB Protein Skimmer also doubles as a surface skimmer to enhance aquarium water quality. Skimmer inlet features a surface skimmer to remove oily surface film and organics from the water surface that would otherwise accumulate and hinder light penetration. Foam sponges on skimmer outlet…