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Hybrid Cleaner

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Hybrid Cleaner Goby, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Elacatinus oceanops x E. figaro)
Starting at $24.99
…the coloration of the ORA Captive-Bred Hybrid Cleaner Goby is influenced by lighting, diet, as well as environmental conditions.The ORA Captive-Bred Hybrid Cleaner Goby should be housed in a well-established 10 gallon or larger aquarium. The Hybrid Cleaner Goby is peaceful; however, can become…
Reef Octopus Classic 90 HOB Protein Skimmer
Starting at $209.99
…in-sump skimmer with the installation ease of a hang-on unit. Bubble diffusing chamber and hybrid cone body stabilizes foam production to boost efficient waste-removing performance for clearer, cleaner marine aquariums.Reef Octopus Classic 90 HOB Protein Skimmer also doubles as a surface skimmer…
Reef Octopus Classic 200 Internal Protein Skimmer
Starting at $314.99
…skimmer pump with pinwheel impeller, features a unique bubble-diffusing chamber and hybrid cone body. Combined features result in superior foam production and effective removal of dissolved organic waste for cleaner, clearer marine aquariums.Reef Octopus Classic 200 Internal Protein Skimmer features…
Blue Life Clear FX Pro
Starting at $12.59
*Advanced all-in-one chemical filter media for aquariums of all sizes*Blend of super carbon, hybrid phosphate & organic scavenger resin*Rapidly removes organic pollutants to keep aquariums cleaner longerBlue Life Clear FX Pro offers aquarists of all skill levels the most advanced and comprehensive…
Reef Octopus Pinwheel In-Sump Skimmer
Starting at $199.99
…pinwheel impeller * Micro-bubbles effectively removes dissolved organic waste * Half cone hybrid skimmer body boosts foamate collection Hybrid in-sump skimmer loaded with premium features maintain cleaner, clearer aquarium water. Reef Octopus Pinwheel In Sump Skimmer boasts a modified half cone…