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Colony Polyp, Joker
(Zoanthus sp.)
Starting at $99.99
…The Joker Colony Polyp is no laughing matter when it comes to intense coloration. The deep, Indigo blue coloration of each plate is contrasted with Kelly green tentacles for a moody color combo that packs a visual punch. The repeating, colonial nature of the Joker Colony Polyp enhances this effect…
Assorted SPS 5 Pack - Aquacultured ORA®
(Assorted sp.)
Starting at $139.99
…one each of the following ORA corals: (1) Hyacinth Birdsnest Coral (Seriatopora hystrix), (1) Green Stylophora Coral (Stylophora pistillata), (1) Kelly Green Psammocora Coral (Psammocora sp.), (1) Miami Orchid Acropora Coral (Acropora sp.) , and (1) Peach Digitata Coral (Montipora digitate).The ORA…
Kelly Green Psammacora Coral - Aquacultured ORA®
(Psammacora sp.)
Starting at $34.99
The ORA® Aquacultured Kelly Green Psammacora Coral is arguably one of the brightest green aquacultured SPS corals available in the industry. This unique distinction makes the Kelly Green Psammacora Coral highly desirable among reef keepers that design their reef aquarium landscape with an aesthetic…