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Kent Marine Supplements

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Kent Marine Coral-Vite
Starting at $14.99
…complex nutrients * Single bottle formula simplifies supplementation of reef aquariums Coral vitamin and mineral supplement provides costly exotic trace minerals and complex nutrients for corals, anemones, gorgonians, and desirable marine algae. It contains no detrimental heavy metals, gluconates…
Kent Marine Liquid Reactor
Starting at $6.49
* Easy and convenient calcium supplementation system for reef aquariums * Raises calcium, magnesium, strontium, and alkalinity to promote coral growth * Produces the same results as calcium reactors without the high cost and maintenance Easy-to-use complete calcium and buffer…
Starting at $11.99
…liquid diet for marine reef aquarium invertebrates * Diet perfect for aquarium filter feeders that require fine particles * Simplify nutrition and aquarium care of filter-feeding invertebrates Keep fine filter feeders in marine reef aquariums properly fed. Kent Marine Microvert is a…
Kent Marine Zoe Marine
Starting at $12.99
supplement for saltwater aquarium fish*Boosts aquarium fish diet with vitamins, minerals and amino acids*Add to food or use directly to support overall health of marine aquarium fishVitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement for marine aquarium fish. Kent Marine Zoe is a convenient liquid supplement
Kent Marine Tech-M
Starting at $7.99
…magnesium is too low, it can become difficult to increase the calcium concentration to the desired level no matter how much calcium supplement is added. Kent Marine Tech M MAgnesium is very concentrated, containing over 70,000 ppm of cationic magnesium and is nitrate, phosphate, and gluconate…
Kent Marine Liquid Calcium
Starting at $10.99
…can provide all the calcium your reef will need. For maximum results, use Kent Kalkwasser Mix first and then raise calcium level with this product. Strontium addition via use of Kent Marine Strontium & Molybdenum Supplement is absolutely necessary. Use of Coral-Vite and Essential Elements are also…
Kent Marine Pro-Plant
Starting at $7.99
…Extract 0.026%De-ionized Water 98.67%BenefitsKent Marine Pro-Plant provides nitrogen, magnesium and micronutrients for lush freshwater plant growth. Phosphate free. Use Kent Marine Iron & Manganese (#234052) simultaneously with Kent Marine Pro-Plant to provide all of the nutrients that freshwater…
Kent Marine Essential Elements
Starting at $9.99
…trace mineral supplement for marine aquariums * Great for fish only and reef aquarium systems * No phosphate or nitrate This premium trace mineral supplement helps increase vigor and color. Replenishes biologically important trace minerals which are removed by marine fish and invertebrates,…
Kent Marine Turbo-Calcium
Starting at $6.49
…(anhydrous).General InformationKent Marine Turbo-Calcium will provide supplemental calcium to reef inhabitants such as corals, snails, hard tube worms, and clams as well as allowing for lush growth of purple, pink and green calcareous algae.Kent Marine Turbo-Calcium is a concentrated product…
Kent Marine Purple Tech
Starting at $9.99
…aquarium supplement stimulates purple coralline algae growth * Provides ionically balanced nutrients required by coralline algae and stony corals * Kent Marine Purple Tech contains calcium, magnesium, strontium, and more Stimulate the growth of colorful ornamental coralline algae. Kent Marine
Kent Marine Iodide
Starting at $7.99
*Easy-dose liquid iodide supplement for marine reef aquariums*Bio-available source of iodide for invertebrates & macroalgae*Safe form of iodide will not harm beneficial aquarium bacteriaAlthough present in salt mixes, iodide is rapidly used up by aquarium inhabitants and is aggressively removed…
Kent Marine ChromaPlex Phytoplankton
Starting at $11.99
marine invertebrates. ChromaPlex is rich in protein, phytonutrients AND carotenoids. This unique blend of naturally-occurring aquacultured phytoplankton (5 to 25 microns) provides a broad size range to suit a variety of filter-feeding marine invertebrates. May also be used to supplement and fortify…
Kent Marine Tech-CB
Starting at $17.99
…for all marine aquariums, especially reef aquariums with higher calcium demands Ionically balanced, 2-part calcium and alkalinity system for convenient supplementation. When used together in equal amounts, Tech CB Parts A & B safely raises both the calcium and buffer level in all marine aquariums…
Kent Marine Iron & Manganese
Starting at $7.99
supplement of iron, manganese, potassium and other micronutrients * Replenish iron and manganese to help spur saltwater macro-algae growth * Also use in freshwater aquariums to encourage healthy growth of aquatic plants Replenish iron and manganese for healthy aquatic plant growth. Kent Marine
Kent Marine Strontium and Molybdenum
Starting at $9.99
*Mineral supplement ideal for mini reefs and marine aquariums*Promotes lush coral growth and better skeleton attachment*Use for proper growth and health of hard & soft aquarium coralsProvides bio-available strontium for lush growth of purple, pink and green calcareous algaes, snails, hard tube worms…