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Aquatic Life Pack - 26 Gallon Freshwater
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $119.99
Kit. The ideal setup for the Easy Freshwater Fish Pack is an established planted aquarium with open areas for swimming. Include a variety of live plants, rocks and driftwood to provide appropriate habitat and hiding spaces. This can be conveniently achieved with the Easy Freshwater Plant Kit. Ensure…
Aquatic Life Pack - 40 Gallon Marine Fish
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $169.99
Stock marine aquariums up to 40 gallons with greater convenience with the 40 Gallon Marine Fish Aquatic Life Pack. This thoughtfully selected collection of hardy and attractive captive-bred marine fish simplifies the creation of a beautiful saltwater aquarium setup. We ve done the research for you…
Salifert Nitrate Test Kit
Starting at $21.99
* Premium liquid test kit for precise nitrate measurement in aquariums * Accurately detects aquarium nitrate levels as low as 0.2 ppm * Dual range nitrate test kit for reef aquariums and fish-only aquariums Precision nitrate test kit ideal for sensitive reef aquariums. Maintaining a very low…
Salifert pH Test Kit
Starting at $12.99
* Liquid test kit for precise testing and monitoring of marine pH * Fast and accurate test results allow timely pH corrections * Fundamental aquarium water parameter test kit The reef hobbyist's choice for monitoring aquarium pH. Salifert pH Test Kit is accurate to approximately 0.2 pH units so…
Salifert Phosphate Test Kit
Starting at $19.99
…professional liquid phosphate test kit * Fast phosphate test results in less than 5 seconds * Maintain low phosphate levels in aquariums for healthy inhabitants Extremely fast, professional results simplify routine phosphate testing. Salifert Phosphate Test Kit offers highly reliable and…
JBJ Rimless Flat Panel Complete Aquarium Kit 65 Gallon, Freshwater
Starting at $249.99
…our new line of Complete Aquarium Kits. Included in our line of Complete Aquarium Kits are perfectly matched aquarium equipment, supplies, and décor necessary to set up a beautiful and thriving aquatic environment.The JBJ Rimless Flat Panel Complete Aquarium Kit - 65 Gallon, Freshwater is the…
Slip Bulkhead Fitting Kits
Starting at $6.99
Perfect for adapting an overflow in the side of an aquarium or a flow-through opening in a wet/dry filter. Includes: suction screen, slip bulkhead with nut and gasket, and 90° elbow with hose barb. Slip means PVC Solvent Socket-Type Fittings. Size Hole Dia. 1/2" 1-1/8" 3/4" 1-1/2" 1" 1-3/4"
Seachem Saltwater Basic Test Kits
Starting at $34.77
* Precision test kit for water parameters crucial to marine aquariums * Easy-to-use aquarium test kit for beginners and experienced marine aquarium keepers * Economical and accurate aquarium test kit simplifies routine testing Economical solution for monitoring crucial saltwater parameters. High…
Fluval Spec Desktop Aquarium Kits
Starting at $79.99
…easily create exceptional aquarium setups*Nano aquarium kits include LED lighting and 3-stage filtrationAdd a stunning freshwater aquatic environment to virtually any space in your home or office. Fluval SPEC Desktop Aquarium Kits may be small, but they're big on style and high-end features.…
API Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate Test Kits
Starting at $7.49
kit measures ammonia levels from 0 to 7 ppm. 130 tests per kit. For fresh/saltwater.Nitrite Test Kit Toxic nitrite is produced by nitrifying bacteria in the biological filter as it breaks down ammonia. This kit tests for harmful nitrite and measures levels from 0 to 5.0 ppm. 180 tests per kit. For…
Salifert Ammonia Test Kit
Starting at $16.99
…Precision ammonia test kit detects total ammonia levels as low as 0.5 ppm Salifert Ammonia Test Kit accurately measures total ammonia (NH3 and NH4+). Favored by aquarium hobbyists who demand the best, Salifert professional test kits offer the convenience of home test kits and laboratory-grade…
Seachem Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kits
Starting at $14.78
…in balance. Each kit includes 75 tests with supplementary test references. High sensitivity levels for each procedure ensure precise results. You can even run up to 6 tests simultaneously for ideal efficiency. Includes kits for freshwater, saltwater, and reef tanks. Using these kits ensure that all…
Salifert Copper Test Kit
Starting at $16.99
* Professional test kit accurately measures copper in aquarium water * Test residual copper levels before and after using copper-based medications * Salifert test kits are trusted by aquarium hobbyists who demand the best Sensitive and accurate test for measuring dissolved or weakly chelated…
Fluval® CO2 Indicator Kit
Starting at $6.99
…levels in live-planted aquariums with this Fluval CO2 Indicator Kit. Designed for use with the 88g Fluval Pressurized CO2 System, this kit is used to monitor approximate CO2 levels and also helps gauge CO2 levels in aquariums. Kit will indicate the approximate CO2 level in aquarium water to provide…
Salifert Iodine Test Kit
Starting at $34.99
…Salifert Iodine Test Kit is the only test that measures all naturally occurring iodine compounds for accurate reading of total iodine concentration. Iodine in natural seawater occurs as several different forms including iodide, iodate, molecular iodine, and hypoiodite. Test kits unable to detect…