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Koi Gold Fish

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Assorted Ogon High Quality Koi, Malaysia
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $10.49
…Quality Koi, imported from Malaysia, are a mix of solid gold, platinum, or orange with a brilliant metallic sheen. Their deep, pure coloration does not contain blemishes of any kind. These beautiful Koi will stand out dramatically against the dark background of a typical pond. Assorted Ogon Koi are…
Bitterling - Assorted
(Rhodeus sp.)
Starting at $13.99
…or sand is acceptable for a substrate. Bitterlings are popular additions for ponds with large koi. They will feed upon parasites that infect the koi, especially anchor worms. They are very active fish that will also feed upon insect larvae and will help in controlling mosquitos in the water garden.…
Assorted Koi - Imported (Malaysia)
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $9.49
Koi are originally from Japan and are largely imported from Malaysia. Over the years, they have been distributed worldwide. Imported Koi vary in color and pattern - red and white, tricolor, platinum, and gold metallic are the most common color forms available. While Koi can live longer than 200…
Koi Angelfish
(Pterophyllum sp.)
Starting at $8.59
The Koi Angelfish is a strain of angelfish that has been bred for it's mottled black and white coloration. Some may have gold markings on the head. The young specimens may have a red hue beneath the eyes that fades with age. These are beautiful angelfish, and like Koi, the coloration of each fish
Yamabuki Ogon High Quality Koi, Japan Strain
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $16.99
Yamabuki Ogon High Quality Koi imported from Asia, are a striking metallic gold color. Ogon Koi are in the family Hikarimuji, which translates to "light without pattern." The Yamabuki Koi we are offering are rated by breeders as AAA Grade Select - the highest rating these fish can receive. They are…
Hikari Goldfish Pellet Diets
Starting at $9.79
…daily diet for ornamental goldfish and baby koi. Hikari Gold is rich in carotene, an easily assimilated color enhancer. Baby Size. Floating pellets. 10.5 ozOranda GoldDaily diet for superior coloration and outstanding form. Oranda Gold is specially developed to promote prominent head…