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Large Filters

233 products
Tiger Oscar, Albino
(Astronotus ocellatus)
Starting at $7.69
…instantly becomes the center of attention and a topic of conversation.The Albino Tiger Oscar requires a large, well-filtered aquarium of at least 70 gallons with a deep sand bottom and a few large rocks. It will dig up plants so any that are in the tank should be potted with the root surfaces…
Aqueon QuietFlow® Filter Cartridges - Large
Starting at $19.99
…chemical filter cartridges from Aqueon*Effectively traps unsightly particles & removes dissolved pollutants*Fits QuietFlow and LED PRO power filter models 20, 30, 50 & 75 Ensure optimal Aqueon QuietFlow power filter performance with monthly media changes. Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Cartridges - Large
Coralife® Large Replacement Cartridge for Marine Filter with Protein Skimmer
Starting at $7.99
…clean and clear*Includes three dual-sided, dense-floss cartridges*For use with Coralife Marine Filter with Protein Skimmer for up to 30-Gallon Saltwater AquariumsKeep your Coralife Marine Filter with Protein Skimmer running smoothly and efficiently by regularly replacing the carbon cartridge.…
Poly Filters
Starting at $6.99
…Poly Filter in Established Marine and Freshwater Aquariums:For Conventional Power Filters: Place the Poly Filter in cartridge slots.Plastic Undergravel Filters: Place the Poly Filter on top of the undergravel plate. Cover filter and plate with gravel.Canister Filters: Place the Poly Filter in the…
Eheim ECCO Canister Filters
Starting at $101.49
…Eheim ecco Pro Canister Filters boast extreme ease of use and reliable, worry-free and energy-efficient performance for exceptional aquarium filtration. Updated 3-stage canister filter positions the pre-filter at the top for easier regular maintenance. Large capacity filter operates quietly with…
Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filters
Starting at $6.39
…bay.Comprehensive FiltrationReaction 4 Stage Canister Filters utilize mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration plus UV sterilization for a balanced aquarium. Water enters the canister filter via the intake strainer and is guided through a large sponge to trap particulate matter. The water…
FilStar XP Canister Filters
Starting at $99.99
…for easy accessibility. Anti-overheating design protects motor if filter gets clogged. Enjoy reliable performance, strong flow rates and trouble-free aquarium filtration with FilStar XP Canister Filters.FilStar XP Canister Filters includes Bio-Chem Zorb, an exclusive research-grade resin-carbon…
Eheim Advanced Canister Filters
Starting at $417.99
filter a large capacity (3.6 gallons) of aquarium water, this canister filter can handle the often complicated filtration needs of even the largest fresh or saltwater aquarium. The filter powerfully moves water through six filtration stages (pre-filter, two filter pads, and three media filters) in a…
Eshopps Wet-Dry Filters
Starting at $175.99
* Easy-to-install wet/dry filter for fresh or saltwater aquariums * Large bio-ball capacity increases aquarium biological filtration * Includes Eshopps overflow box for convenient filter installation Compact wet-dry filters fit comfortably in cabinets without sacrificing functional space. Smart,…
Marineland Multistage Canister Filters
Starting at $6.69
…access Stack n' Flo Filter Trays - Individual flow-through media layers provide a large area for total mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. Filtration Media - Marineland C-Series Canister Filters come with all the media necessary to get started.Additional filter media and impellers sold…
Fluval C-Series Power Filters
Starting at $34.99
…Compartmentalized filter design allows quick easy maintenance Modular multistage design elevates power filter performance to a class of its own. Fluval C-Series Power Filters are the world's first and only 5-stage aquarium power filter for superior water quality and clarity. Multi-stage filter boast…
Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters
Starting at $10.49
…power filters with patented BIO-Wheel technology * New features and improved flow rates for superior filtration - BIO-Wheel now more than 50% larger * No-hassle 3-stage filtration keeps fresh or saltwater aquariums clean and clear Eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite on contact. Extra large
Hagen AquaClear Power Filters
Starting at $49.99
…easy, and convenient filter installation and maintenance*Filter comes with biomechanical filter foam and carbon media insertsSuperior filtering capabilities through triple filtration: biological, mechanical, and chemical. The size of the foam and carbon inserts offers large surface area to increase…
Marineland Magniflow Canister Filters
Starting at $135.99
…a large multi-faceted surface area for the growth of beneficial ammonia-neutralizing bacterial responsible for biological filtration.Chemical Filtration: Inside the Carbon Filter Bag, Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon removes odors discoloration and water impurities. Replace Carbon Filter Bag…
Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filters
Starting at $10.99
…aquariums. Although this canister-style filter is designed to take up minimal space in your aquarium setup, Hydor's Professional External Aquarium Filter provides a significantly large filter volume. The Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filter offers energy-efficient, silent-running performance…