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Lifegard Aquatics QL-Series Ultraviolet Sterilizer Modules
Starting at $124.49
…the bulb. NOTE: The splash boot is lubricated at the factory with LIFEGARD silicone lubricant for ease of assembly and disassembly. It is extremely important that the small neck of the splash boot be lubricated with LIFEGARD silicone lubricant each time the bulb is serviced. Failure to lubricate…
Lifegard Intelli-Feed Aquarium Fish Feeder
Starting at $71.43
…sealed position*Reliable feeder automatically dispenses up to 12 feedings per dayMoisture-damaged fish food gumming up your automatic feeder? Lifegard Intelli-Feed Aquarium Fish Feeder features an innovative design for superior moisture- and trouble-free operation. Feeding drum automatically moves…
Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pro Pumps
Starting at $13.24
*Multipurpose utility pump great for fresh or saltwater aquariums*New impeller design for quieter operation and a longer life*Cooler running for minimum heat transfer to your aquariumEnergy-efficient aquarium pump redesigned for quiet, long-lasting use. The popular Quiet One multipurpose aquarium…
Lifegard Airline Bulkhead Kit
Starting at $3.24
…completely. Cut a small piece of Lifegard Airline Tubing and attach to the air output tube on the inside of the aquarium. Place a one-way Check Valve on the other end of the Lifegard Airline Tubing on the inside of the aquarium. Now cut the desired length of Lifegard Airline Tubing and attach an…
Lifegard Aquatics PG Pump
Starting at $121.83
…at a great value. The smartly priced Lifegard Aquatics PG Pump is the budget-friendly pump choice perfect for tackling all your pond and water garden needs delivering powerful flow rates while using less energy than similar comparable pumps.The versatile Lifegard Aquatics PG Pump accommodates wet or…
Lifegard Aquatics Self-Priming Pumps
Starting at $19.99
…your pump.WarrantyReturn of electrical equipment to Foster & Smith Aquatics for exchange or refund is limited to 60 days from the date of purchase. Beyond 60 days, electrical equipment is covered by the manufacturer's warranty and should be returned directly to Rainbow Lifegard Aquatics.
Lifegard Aquatics Silicone Lubricant
Starting at $4.49
…aquarium equipment * Helps prevent O-rings on aquarium equipment from cracking Aquarium-safe, non-petroleum lubricant for use on all O-rings. Use Lifegard Aquatics silicone lubricant on rubber seals, gaskets, and O-rings where binding and corrosion occur. Lubricates threaded connecting parts on…
Lifegard 13W UV Sterilizer Kit
Starting at $120.71
*Easy to install UV upgrade for Lifegard Uno, Duo, & Trio Pond Filters*Enhance pond water quality with the cleansing power of UVC light*Combat green pond water algae & free floating disease-causing pathogensUpgrade your Lifegard Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filter or Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filtration System Kit…
Lifegard Aquatics LED Digital Thermometer
Starting at $22.1
…Display temperature in °F.The Lifegard Aquatics LED Digital Thermometer measures 3" x 3/4" x 1" high.Shop all Aquarium Thermometers.Instructions Rotate suction cup at top of the unit so the suction cup is facing you. Remove the sticker on the LED display. Install the Lifegard LED Digital Thermometer…
Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pump Parts
Starting at $3.49
Replacement Impeller and Impeller Shaft for Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pond Pumps.ImpellerOver time, natural wear of the impeller may reduce pump performance. Replace the impeller to ensure reliable performance. Replacement Impellers are available for Quiet One Pond Pump Models 800, .Impeller…
Lifegard Aquatics 1-Inch Fit Suction Screen
Starting at $1.33
Say goodbye to clogs in your filtration system with Lifegard Aquatics 1-Inch Fit Suction Screen. This essential accessory helps revent large debris from entering and quickly clogging filtration systems and keeps fish, snails, and other tank inhabitants from getting sucked into your plumbing, sump,…
Lifegard Aquatics UV Sterilizer Parts and Accessories
Starting at $29.99
Ballasts, quartz bulbs, and quartz sleeves for Lifegard Aquatics Ultraviolet Sterilizer Modules help make changes easy. Choose the right parts and accessories to keep your aquarium clean and healthy.
Lifegard Aquatics Big Digital Temp Alert
Starting at $39.04
…from up to four alarm options to maintain ideal aquarium temperatureMaintain ideal temperature in your freshwater or salwater aquarium. Lifegard Aquatics Big Digital Temp Alert features a programmable alarm that alerts you when the temperature is not within an acceptable range. Large…
Lifegard Aquatics All-In-One Pond Filter System
Starting at $300.53
…Cartridge Units to easily boost pond filtration capacityAll-in-one pond filtration solution boasts expandable design to boost filtration capacity! Lifegard Aquatics All-In-One Pond Filter System provides mechanical and biological filtration, algae control with the built-in 13-watt ultraviolet…
Lifegard Aquatics Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters
Starting at $62.02
…filtration*Use filter with any make pump or the recommended Quiet One PumpCreate custom filtration specific to your pond or water garden needs. Lifegard Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters are highly customizable submersible pond filters with an easy to expand design. Use with any make pump or the…