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Atlantic Pygmy Octopus
(Octopus joubini)
Starting at $59.99
…The Octopus can be fed small live feeder shrimp or freshwater ghost shrimp. Any live foods should be fed spirulina based dry foods, plankton, and cyclops to enhance their nutritional value. Approximate Purchase Size: 1-1/2" to 4"Please note: We guarantee that ALL aquaria species we offer will arrive…
Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine Precision Salt Blend for Reef Aquaria
Starting at $29.29
…major, minor and trace elements Get to the source of successful marine aquariums with quality seawater. NeoMarine Precision Salt Blend for Reef Aquaria is formulated to create marine environments chemically-similar to natural seawater. Extensive research resulted in a synthetic salt mix that…
Marigold Montipora, Aquacultured
(Montipora spumosa)
Starting at $49.99
Our Aquacultured Marigold Montipora Coral boasts a radiant golden body accentuated by vibrant green polyps and is propagated here at Live Aquaria s Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility! The Marigold Montipora Coral requires moderate aquarium lighting conditions achieved by T-5s, powerful LEDs or the…
Grape Cristata, Captive Grown
(Euphyllia cristata)
Starting at $26.99
…surroundings. It can sting neighboring corals; therefore, it is best to provide plenty of room between itself and other types of corals. The Live Aquaria® Captive Grown Grape Cristata requires moderate to high lighting combined with medium water movement within the aquarium. For continued good…
Brightwell Aquatics FlorinBacter for Freshwater Aquariums
Starting at $15.15
…nor the rate at which it enacts changes in aquaria. The following recommendations are based upon extensive testing and will produce the best results in most aquaria.Medium- to High-nutrient Systems, or to seed Biological Filtration in new aquaria: To effectively decrease the concentration of…
Brightwell Aquatics FaStart-F for Freshwater Aquariums
Starting at $9.85
…organisms. Water temperature, pH, alkalinity, and chemistry must be within appropriate ranges prior to adding live microorganisms to aquarium.Establishing biological filtration in new aquaria: Add 5 ml (1 capful on 250- and 500-ml bottles; 1/2-capful on 2L bottle) FaStart-F per 20 US-gallons (76 L)…
Brightwell Aquatics Florin Delta GH+ for Freshwater Aquariums
Starting at $11.25
*Supplies potassium, magnesium, and calcium to freshwater planted aquaria *Establishes optimal mineral balance in water that has purified or is exceedingly soft *Great for biotope aquaria housing fish indigenous to forest and/or riverine habitatsFish, aquatic plants, and invertebrates require…
Starting at $14.57
…week. Though trace elements are essential in reef and fish-only aquaria, the gross overdosing of a trace element supplement can be harmful to aquarium inhabitants. Minor and trace elements are made unavailable in marine aquaria largely by adsorption to particulate organic matter (POM). Therefore,…
Brightwell Aquatics FlorinVolcanit Plant Substrate
Starting at $21.21
…constitute the majority of species commonly maintained in planted aquaria, obtain a considerable percentage of their nutrient requirements through their roots. It is therefore sensible to utilize a growth medium in planted aquaria that facilitates delivery of nutrients to the roots, themselves, as…
Reef BioFuel
Starting at $29.16
…concept of biological filtration is simply to utilize living organisms to remove substances from aquatic systems as a natural result of their respiration and metabolic processes. This mode of filtration is at work in any aquarium system housing live organisms, though microbes (e.g. various types of…
Black Neon Tetra
(Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi)
Starting at $1.49
The Black Neon Tetra boasts one of aquaria's most beautiful and unusual coloration. The body of the iridescent Black Neon Tetra is an elegant blend of deep obsidian black paired with a contrasting bright, neon horizontal stripe of yellow-green. A fluorescent orange marking above its eyes completes…
Red Saddled Anthias
(Pseudanthias flavoguttatus)
Starting at $59.99
The Red Saddled Anthias, along with the Central Pacific Anthias is a deepwater Anthias hailed as perhaps one of the "perfect fish" for reef aquaria by LiveAquaria® Director Kevin Kohen! What makes the Red Saddled Anthias a highly desirable addition for the seasoned reef hobbyist is not only the…
Central Pacific Anthias
(Pseudanthias aurulentus)
Starting at $99.99
The Central Pacific Anthias is a deepwater Anthias hailed as perhaps one of the "perfect fish" for reef aquaria by LiveAquaria® Director Kevin Kohen! What makes the Central Pacific Anthias a highly desirable addition for the seasoned reef hobbyist is not only the striking multiple pink and yellow…
Dennerle Scaper's Tank Complete Aquascaping Aquarium
Starting at $149.99
…his love of aquaria, his interest in a profession, which was little known at the time that prompted Ludwig Dennerle to embark on his research into aquatic plants over forty years ago. And this initial spark still fires enthusiasm to entice others into the wonderful world of aquaria and garden ponds…
Brightwell Aquatics BlackWater Water Conditioner
Starting at $6.9
…all origins of many families of important aquarium fishes. Blackwater biotope aquaria are therefore desirable when attempting to maintain these fishes.Gradually increasing the concentration of humic substances in aquaria is an effective method of encouraging spawning in fishes, particularly for…