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Momo Botan Lotus
(Nelumbo nucifera "momo botan")
Starting at $39.99
All Asia lotus varieties available today are hybrid variations of Nelumbo nucifera. The "Momo botan" is a miniature lotus that grows 12-15" leaves, and stands between 2' and 4' tall. The flowers on this lotus are "double flowers" resembling peonies. Momo botan translates to like a peach colored…
Lutea Lotus
(Nelumbo lutea)
Starting at $39.99
The Lutea Lotus, also known as American Lotus, American Yellow Lotus, and the Water Chinaquin, produces vast numbers of larger, bright yellow blossoms. Each blossom measures up to 11 inches in diameter and has from 22 to 25 rich yellow petals with slightly lighter tips. These flowers reach several…
Easy-Life® Root Sticks
Starting at $11
…Easy-Life Root Sticks for all freshwater aquatic plants - especially those with a strong need for root nutrition such as Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus, or Lotus. If your soil layer is very shallow or the plant roots very small, simply break sticks into smaller pieces. Convenient snap-top jar contains 25…
Chawan basu Lotus
(Nelumbo nucifera "chawan basu")
Starting at $39.99
The Chawan basu lotus is a dwarf lotus well suited for container gardening, that has blooms that are from 5 to 9 inches in diameter. Chawan basu translates to rice bowl lotus. All Asia lotus varieties available today are hybrid variations of Nelumbo nucifera. The petals are an ivory-white with deep…
Eshopps Lotus Coral Frag Rack
Starting at $39.99
…a small, space-saving footprint. Eshopps Lotus Coral Frag Rack keeps up to 52 coral frags neatly organized for a professional looking presentation. Great for coral collectors or hobbyists displaying coral frags at frag swaps or conventions. Eshopps Lotus Coral Frag Rack measures 10" x 7" high with…
Eshopps Lotus Mag Frag Rack
Starting at $49.95
Enjoy the space saving convenience of Eshopps Lotus Mag Frag Rack. Featuring a total of 52 frag spaces, each lotus leaf provides 13 holes, maximizing your fragging space with a sophisticated and modern design. The plugs are easily accessible for removing and placement, so you can customize the Lily…
Super Flora Giesemann POWERCHROME T5 Lamps from CoralVue
Starting at $19.95
…exactly follows this spectral composition. This new generation of fluorescent lamps enables growth of even demanding plant species, such as Tiger Lotus, while reinforcing the red and blue colors of your fish in the freshwater aquarium. Use the Giesemann Super Flora in conjunction with the Giesemann…