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Macro Algae

27 products
Chaetomorpha Algae, Aquacultured
(Chaetomorpha sp.)
Starting at $16.99
Chaetomorpha Algae, also known as Spaghetti Algae or Green Hair Algae, is an excellent macro algae for refugiums. Each cell grows end to end, creating long, stiff strands. It grows in filamentous clumps, resembling a ball of fishing line. Cheatomorpha is a fast growing, hardy algae that is normally…
Red Bush Algae
(Ornamental gracilaria sp.)
Starting at $6.99
…aquarium" is finally possible thanks to new macro algae from LiveAquaria. These stunningly vibrant and easy-to-care-for algae let you aquascape a nano system that's as beneficial as it is beautiful!Looking for a brilliant new addition to your macro algae nano showcase setup? Add branching crimson…
Refugium Starter Kit
(Assorted sp.)
Starting at $49.99
…refugium FAST with this 5-in-1 starter kit. Refugium kit features three (3) sources of beneficial macro algae PLUS (1) Amphipods starter culture and (1) Tisbe copepod starter culture. Macro algae make excellent fast growing nutrient exporters, improving water quality, and amphipods and copepods…
Tufted Joint Algae
(Cymopolia barbata)
Starting at $16.99
…possible thanks to new macro algae from LiveAquaria®. These stunningly vibrant and easy-to-care-for algae let you aquascape a nano system that's as beneficial as it is beautiful!Add a spray of green interest to your nano reef or marine refugium with beneficial Tufted Joint Algae. Cymopolia barbata…
Refugium Mineral Mud
Starting at $35.61
…duplicate tropical fringing coastal mangrove environments. Mineral Mud particles are in a size range compatible with soft, burrowing infaunal, macro animal assemblages. Ideal for mud refugiums, sea grasses, macro-algae, and mangroves, Mineral Mud provides a variety of trace elements plus calcium,…
Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget ChaetoMax 2-in-1 Refugium LED Aquarium Light
Starting at $70
…Marine Designed for maximum macro algae growth, this AUQA Gadget ChaetoMax 2-in-1 Refugium LED Aquarium Light from Innovative Marine has taken the technology behind indoor horticulture and crafted the optimal spectral recipe specifically designed for ultimate macro algae photosynthesis.Each of the…
Kent Marine Coral-Vite
Starting at $14.99
…you should use separate additives for these elements for a synergistic effect. Aquariums with large numbers of soft corals, crustaceans, or macro algae will require Concentrated Iodine or Iron supplements, as well. Use Kent Kalkwasser Mix, Concentrated Liquid Calcium, or Turbo-Calcium to supply…
CaribSea A.R.K. Aragonite Refugium Kit
Starting at $80.47
…calcium carbonate rubble (25+mm), 5 lbs of Mineral Mud, 8 ounce AquaBiotic (beneficial waste-reducing bacteria), 4 ounce Purple-Up (coralline algae accelerator), and 2 packs of BioMagnet (water clarifier) all in a convenient 5-gallon bucket.Downloadable A.R.K. Aragonite Refugium Kit Instructions…
Striped Shrimpfish
(Aeoliscus strigatus)
Starting at $23.99
…vertical position. These Shrimpfish are difficult to keep in an aquarium, unless maintained in a mature system with plenty of live rock, macro and micro algae and are only kept with like species, such as pipefish and seahorses. It will not harm ornamental invertebrates in a reef setting. It requires…
Starting at $8.69
…to corals and other invertebrates, especially those that harbor symbiotic zooxanthellae algae. Helps detoxify excess oxygen produced by zooxanthellae algae. Iodide is also important to the health of macro algae and fishes. 17 oz of Iodion treats up to 5,000 gallons. Instructions and…
Kent Marine Iron & Manganese
Starting at $5.59
…iron and manganese stays in solution longer to provide lasting nutrient benefits to macro-algae, corals, and freshwater plants without undesirable algae growth. Great for marine aquariums and refugiums housing desirable macro-algae such as caulerpa or freshwater aquariums with aquatic plants. 16 oz…
Sleeper Banded Goby
(Amblygobius phalaena)
Starting at $17.99
…in the substrate as well as filamentous algae. In the home aquarium offer a varied diet consisting of vitamin-enriched brine shrimp (live or frozen), mysis shrimp, prepared foods for herbivores, as well as nori strips of the aquarium lacks macro algae growth. It should be fed three times per…
Starting at $20.08
…aquarium environment without the use of harsh algaecides or antibiotics. ChemiClean is safe for aquarium fish, corals, invertebrates, desirable macro algae, and beneficial bacteria. ChemiClean is for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Available in Powder and professional Liquid formula.…
Two Barred Rabbitfish
(Siganus virgatus)
Starting at $39.99
…well fed, and they will eat all kinds of macro-algae and even bubble algae. If not, it is possible for them to nip at and consume some species of LPS and soft corals.Its diet consists of a variety of fresh vegetables and algae. It does nip and possibly eat some soft and hard coral polyps.Approximate…
Kent Marine Purple Tech
Starting at $20.99
…stimulates purple coralline algae growth * Provides ionically balanced nutrients required by coralline algae and stony corals * Kent Marine Purple Tech contains calcium, magnesium, strontium, and more Stimulate the growth of colorful ornamental coralline algae. Kent Marine Purple Tech provides…