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Green Mandarin
(Synchiropus splendidus)
Starting at $17.99
The head and body of the Green Mandarin, also known as the Striped Mandarinfish or Green Mandarinfish, are a mazelike combination of blue, orange, and green. Males may be distinguished from females by their more-elongated first dorsal spine. It is extremely popular with aquarists because of its…
Spotted Mandarin
(Synchiropus picturatus)
Starting at $17.99
The Spotted Mandarin, also referred to as the Spotted Mandarinfish, Psychedelic Mandarinfish, Psychedelic Fish, or Picture Dragonet, was first found in the Western Pacific Ocean in 1976 by Peters. The head, fins, and body are a psychedelic combination of blue, orange, and black spots on a green…
Blue Mandarin, Captive-Bred, Biota
(Synchiropus splendidus)
Starting at $79.99
The Biota Captive-Bred Blue Mandarins are spawned and reared at Biota Marine Life Nursery in Palau. Blue Mandarin are also known as the Mandarin Dragonette or Mandarin Goby is a mazelike combination of blue, orange, and green. Males may be distinguished from females by their more-elongated first…
Live Adult Brine Shrimp
(Artemia salina)
Starting at $16.99
…in length, and are farm raised in the United States. Live Artemia are an ideal food source for finicky eaters such as seahorses, pipefish, mandarinfish and other dragonets. Brine Shrimp are non-selective, filter feeding invertebrates, and consume algae, bacteria, diatoms, and microbes. To maintain…
Brightwell Aquatics Zooplanktos-L 500-2Kµm Zooplankton Suspension
Starting at $7.58
…adults of planktivorous fishes (such as anthias, basslets, pseudochromids, dartfishes, chromis, etc.) and microinvertebrate-predators (such as mandarinfishes, some gobies, dwarf wrasses, etc.).Though Zooplanktos-L provides a number of amino acids, one that is not naturally present has been added;…
Brightwell Aquatics Zooplanktos-S 50-300µm Zooplankton Suspension
Starting at $7.58
*Concentrated, phytoplankton-enriched liquid zooplankton suspension*Great source of natural nutrition for marine aquarium fish and corals*50-300µm prey size is ideal for stony corals, fishes & filter feedersFood ideally-sized for marine aquarium inhabitants that feed on meso- and micro-plankton.…