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Marine Buffer

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Seachem Marine Buffer
Starting at $7.3
…not obscure water clarity. Ideal for marine, brackish or alkaline freshwater aquariums. 250 grams treats up to 1,000 gallons. Marine Buffer will safely raise marine pH to 8.3. It will not raise pH above 8.3 even if inadvertently overdosed. Marine Buffer is a blended product and is not just sodium…
Kent Marine Pro-Buffer dKH
Starting at $17.99
…strength buffer for all saltwater marine aquariums * Liquid buffer raises alkalinity and maintains aquarium pH at 8.3 * Maintain stable water parameters for healthy marine aquariums Streamline alkalinity and pH maintenance in all saltwater marine aquariums. Professional strength buffer increases…
Microbe-Lift Reef/Marine pH Buffer Stabilizer by Ecological Labs
Starting at $4.92
buffering salts gently conditions aquarium water * Ensures a proper pH for your reef or marine aquarium Gently stabilize your aquarium's pH to the best possible levels for your reef or marine tank inhabitants. Also acts as a KH Alkalinity supplement. Sets saltwater at a pH of 8.2. Powdered buffers
Kent Marine Superbuffer-dKH
Starting at $14.99
* Powdered pH buffer and alkalinity builder for marine aquariums * Properly adjusts saltwater aquarium pH to optimum levels * Builds aquarium carbonate hardness levels crucial for reef aquariums Specially formulated pH buffer and carbonate hardness (KH) builder. Adjusts the pH in saltwater…
Kent Marine Liquid Reactor
Starting at $6.49
…coral growth * Produces the same results as calcium reactors without the high cost and maintenance Easy-to-use complete calcium and buffer system offers the same results as costly calcium reactor systems. Convenient one bottle calcium supplementation system raises the concentration of…
Kent Marine Tech-CB
Starting at $17.99
…for all marine aquariums, especially reef aquariums with higher calcium demands Ionically balanced, 2-part calcium and alkalinity system for convenient supplementation. When used together in equal amounts, Tech CB Parts A & B safely raises both the calcium and buffer level in all marine aquariums…
Kent Marine Turbo-Calcium
Starting at $6.49
…calcium or buffer levels, check to see that the salt mix you are using contains natural seawater levels of magnesium. Magnesium is necessary and low levels result in poor calcium solubility and buffering.Ingredients: Calcium chloride (anhydrous).General InformationKent Marine Turbo-Calcium…
Kent Marine Purple Tech
Starting at $9.99
…for the aquarium to clear. When added at a rate of 1 mL per gallon of purified water, Kent Marine Purple Tech will increase the concentration of calcium by 26 ppm.Recommended Levels AquariumType pH Buffering Capacity Calcium Alkalinity dKH Reef 8.0-8.3 2.9 to 4.0 meq/L 140 to 200 ppm 8 to 11…
Microbe-Lift Calcium Concentrate plus Buffer by Ecological Labs
Starting at $6.1
…available form. No-mix solution means no chalky residue like some powdered calcium formulations. Buffered to help maintain proper pH in reef and marine aquariums. 16 oz of Calcium Concentrate plus Buffer treats up to 2,360 gallons; 64 oz treats up to 9,440 gallons. Shake well before use.Suggested…
Kent Marine Tech-M
Starting at $7.99
…for healthy coral growth * Aids in maintaining proper alkalinity (buffering capacity) and calcium levels * Ionically balanced to safely raise magnesium levels in marine aquariums Tech M safely raises the magnesium level in marine systems without upsetting the ionic balance. Increases the magnesium…
Microbe-Lift Strontium & Molybdenum plus Buffer by Ecological Labs
Starting at $15.98
* Bio-available strontium and molybdenum for marine and reef aquariums * Ensures proper levels of strontium and molybdenum for healthy corals * Buffered reef supplement helps maintain proper aquarium pH Easy-to-use liquid supplement provides biologically available strontium and molybdenum.…
Hanna Instruments Marine Alkalinity Checker HC
Starting at $8
…as buffering against large changes in acidity in marine reef aquariums.Hanna Instruments Marine Alkalinity Checker HC measures just 2.4" x 1.5" x 3.2" high and features a range between 0 to 300 ppm with 1 ppm resolution (±5 ppm ((mg/L)) ±5% accuracy @ 25°C/77°F of reading).Hanna Instruments Marine
Kent Marine Nano-Reef Parts A & B
Starting at $8.99
…that the concentrations in the aquarium are within the desired ranges.NanoReef Part BGeneral Information NanoReef Part B is an ionically-balanced buffer to NanoReef Part A that increases alkalinity and maintains stable pH. When added at the same dosage as NanoReef Part A, NanoReef Part B provides…
Tropic Marin Sea Salts
Starting at $74.99
…growth. Its unique buffering system and pH level have been adapted to accommodate the use of calcium supplements or calcium reactors to help simplify the care of even very sensitive hard corals. Marine life can only flourish in a healthy environment. For over 30 years, Tropic Marin Sea Salt has…
Brightwell Aquatics Florin pH- for Freshwater, Planted & Marine Aquariums
Starting at $9.35
…community, planted aquaria, and marine aquaria*Gradually decreases alkalinity of tap water and aquarium water*Contains no phosphate-based buffers Decrease the pH of your aquarium water safely and gradually with Brightwell Aquatics Florin pH- for Freshwater, Planted & Marine Aquariums. Perfect for…