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Marine Salt

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Kent Marine Reef Salt Mix
Starting at $15.99
* New synthetic salt mix formulated for marine reef aquariums * Elevated calcium, magnesium and strontium for coral growth * Supports aquarium coral growth, development, and vitality Boost reef growth with new mineral-fortified salt mix. Kent Marine Reef Salt Mix contains elevated levels of…
LiveAquaria® 205-Gallon Mix Professional Reef Salt
Starting at $54.99
…Attention to quality raw materials with uniform (consistent) particle size ensures superior results for you. LiveAquaria Professional Reef Salt is ideal for all marine aquariums, including coral reef, fish-only-with-live-rock, and fish-only systems. 55 pounds net weight.ParametersSalinity: 35 ppt…
Coralife Marine Salt
Starting at $15.99
*Scientific-grade marine aquarium salt replicates natural seawater*Highly soluble phosphate- and nitrate-free marine aquarium salt*Contains all essential major and trace elements for aquarium healthReplicate natural seawater chemistry with scientific-grade marine aquarium salt. Coralife Marine Salt
Aquaforest® Reef Salt
Starting at $32.99
…Reef Salt is ideal for use with reef aquariums housing soft corals, LPS corals, SPS corals, and clams as well as fish-only saltwater marine aquariums. 10 kg/22 lbs dry salt mix produces approximately 70 to 80 gallons of prepared saltwater at 1.024 specific gravity. Ozone safe.Aquaforest Reef Salt is…
Aquaforest® Probiotic Reef Salt
Starting at $47.99
* Marine aquarium salt mix with probiotic bacteria for cultured corals * Supports coral growth & color plus nitrate & phosphate reduction * Premium synthetic salt mix made under strict laboratory conditions Premium blend synthetic salt mix creates optimal conditions for keeping even the most…
Red Sea Coral Pro Salt
Starting at $27.99
…to help support delicate marine life * Enriched with refined minerals to safely elevate calcium levels and buffer capacity * Natural, evaporated sea salt Coral Pro Salt is specifically formulated for use with reverse osmosis water. Natural, evaporated sea salt is enriched with refined minerals…
Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Aquariums
Starting at $40
…aquarium aesthetics. Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Aquariums available in two distinct designs: 30-gallon Micro 30L Aquarium and 40-gallon Mini 40 Aquarium. Each features spacious interior for maximum stocking and reef-scaping possibilities.Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Aquariums include NUVO…
Current LOOP Controller Hinge Mount System
Starting at $15.99
…mount for Current LOOP devices*Neatly mount and organize 1 LOOP Controller & 2 manifold HUBs*Keeps aquarium electronics away from damaging water & salt creepKeep your LOOP control system well organized and easily accessible for a professional-looking aquarium display. Current LOOP Controller Hinge…
API 5 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips
Starting at $12.99
…guppies, mollies, cichlids, goldfish 180 10° African Cichlids, goldfish, brackish water & marine fish 240 13.4° African Cichlids, goldfish, brackish water & marine fish Reducing KHKH can be lowered by making partial water changes using distilled or de-ionized water.…
Tropic Marin Sea Salts
Starting at $74.99
…sensitive hard corals. Marine life can only flourish in a healthy environment. For over 30 years, Tropic Marin Sea Salt has been the only sea salt in the world produced under scientific supervision.Directions for Use:Use saltwater prepared with Tropic Marin Sea Salt for regular water changes in…
Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix
Starting at $89.99
…synthetic sea salt for marine reef aquariums * Contains bioactive substances to support aquarium water quality * Works with protein skimmers to rid dissolved aquarium waste Revolutionary synthetic sea salt boosts functionality with bioactive substances. Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix takes an…
Starting at $39.99
…Balling Method. Tropic Marin BIO-CALCIUM ORIGINAL BALLING Salts Liquid Set eliminates the need to measure and mix dry powder into solution - simply add recommended amount directly into your coral reef aquarium or via a dosing pump!Tropic Marin BIO-CALCIUM ORIGINAL BALLING Salts Liquid Set is an…
Aquaforest® Sea Salt
Starting at $24.99
…synthetic marine aquarium salt mix from the EU * Produces salt water ideal for fish-only tanks and soft corals * Made under laboratory conditions - Phosphate & Nitrate-Free High-quality synthetic salt mix from the EU to you! Aquaforest Sea Salt is ideal for use with fish-only saltwater marine
API Freshwater Salt
Starting at $4.19
…sugar, or artificial color and will not change pH. Use Aquarium Salt with tropical fish, goldfish, and koi but should not be used as a substitute for marine aquarium salt. 1 Tbsp for every 5 gallons of water. This all-natural salt is intended for use in freshwater aquariums to add natural…
Red Sea Salt
Starting at $26.99
…Red Sea Salt helps simplify marine aquarium care by allowing saltwater aquarium hobbyists to produce saltwater ideal for marine fish and invertebrate aquariums or for low-nutrient systems where the hobbyist supplements all of the individual elements on a regular basis.Red Sea Red Sea Salt, designed…