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Marine Salt

161 products
LiveAquaria® 205-Gallon Mix Professional Reef Salt
Starting at $49.99
…Attention to quality raw materials with uniform (consistent) particle size ensures superior results for you. LiveAquaria Professional Reef Salt is ideal for all marine aquariums, including coral reef, fish-only-with-live-rock, and fish-only systems. 55 pounds net weight.ParametersSalinity: 35 ppt…
Aquaforest® Reef Salt
Starting at $24.53
…Reef Salt is ideal for use with reef aquariums housing soft corals, LPS corals, SPS corals, and clams as well as fish-only saltwater marine aquariums. 10 kg/22 lbs dry salt mix produces approximately 70 to 80 gallons of prepared saltwater at 1.024 specific gravity. Ozone safe.Aquaforest Reef Salt is…
Aquaforest® Probiotic Reef Salt
Starting at $35.69
* Marine aquarium salt mix with probiotic bacteria for cultured corals * Supports coral growth & color plus nitrate & phosphate reduction * Premium synthetic salt mix made under strict laboratory conditions Premium blend synthetic salt mix creates optimal conditions for keeping even the most…
Instant Ocean & Reef Crystals Synthetic Sea Salt
Starting at $16.99
…sea salt simulates natural seawater for thriving marine aquariums * Provides marine fish, invertebrates, and plants the necessary major, minor, & trace elements * Instant Ocean synthetic sea salt - the trusted choice of aquarists for over 40 years Instant Ocean synthetic sea salt simulates…
Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix
Starting at $89.99
…synthetic sea salt for marine reef aquariums * Contains bioactive substances to support aquarium water quality * Works with protein skimmers to rid dissolved aquarium waste Revolutionary synthetic sea salt boosts functionality with bioactive substances. Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix takes an…
Innovative Marine NUVO Aquarium - Fusion Lagoon 25
Starting at $250
…low-iron glass and superior, hidden mechanical filtration*Enhances any setting and includes a host of hobby-friendly features With Innovative Marine's NUVO Fusion Lagoon 25 Aquarium, you can easily (and beautifully) break the boundaries of traditional aquascaping and rise above the water s surface…
Seachem HydroTote Collapsible Water Jug
Starting at $11.95
…gravity measures the relative salinity (amount of dissolved salts) in your aquarium water in comparison to pure water. Measuring specific gravity on a regular basis is crucial to maintain the ideal environment for your marine inhabitants. The following helpful tips will ensure accurate…
Kent Marine Reef Salt Mix
Starting at $15.99
* New synthetic salt mix formulated for marine reef aquariums * Elevated calcium, magnesium and strontium for coral growth * Supports aquarium coral growth, development, and vitality Boost reef growth with new mineral-fortified salt mix. Kent Marine Reef Salt Mix contains elevated levels of…
Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Aquariums
Starting at $26.8
…aquarium aesthetics. Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Aquariums available in two distinct designs: 30-gallon Micro 30L Aquarium and 40-gallon Mini 40 Aquarium. Each features spacious interior for maximum stocking and reef-scaping possibilities.Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Aquariums include NUVO…
Current LOOP Controller Hinge Mount System
Starting at $15.99
…mount for Current LOOP devices*Neatly mount and organize 1 LOOP Controller & 2 manifold HUBs*Keeps aquarium electronics away from damaging water & salt creepKeep your LOOP control system well organized and easily accessible for a professional-looking aquarium display. Current LOOP Controller Hinge…
API 5 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips
Starting at $12.99
…guppies, mollies, cichlids, goldfish 180 10° African Cichlids, goldfish, brackish water & marine fish 240 13.4° African Cichlids, goldfish, brackish water & marine fish Reducing KHKH can be lowered by making partial water changes using distilled or de-ionized water.…
Coralife Marine Salt
Starting at $15.99
*Scientific-grade marine aquarium salt replicates natural seawater*Highly soluble phosphate- and nitrate-free marine aquarium salt*Contains all essential major and trace elements for aquarium healthReplicate natural seawater chemistry with scientific-grade marine aquarium salt. Coralife Marine Salt
Tropic Marin Sea Salts
Starting at $74.99
…sensitive hard corals. Marine life can only flourish in a healthy environment. For over 30 years, Tropic Marin Sea Salt has been the only sea salt in the world produced under scientific supervision.Directions for Use:Use saltwater prepared with Tropic Marin Sea Salt for regular water changes in…
Starting at $19.99
…Balling Method. Tropic Marin BIO-CALCIUM ORIGINAL BALLING Salts Liquid Set eliminates the need to measure and mix dry powder into solution - simply add recommended amount directly into your coral reef aquarium or via a dosing pump!Tropic Marin BIO-CALCIUM ORIGINAL BALLING Salts Liquid Set is an…
Aquaforest® Sea Salt
Starting at $18.58
…synthetic marine aquarium salt mix from the EU * Produces salt water ideal for fish-only tanks and soft corals * Made under laboratory conditions - Phosphate & Nitrate-Free High-quality synthetic salt mix from the EU to you! Aquaforest Sea Salt is ideal for use with fish-only saltwater marine