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Marine Substrate

119 products
CaribSea Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Sand
Starting at $18.7
…Also aids coral growth and resists the precipitation of carbonate minerals. 77% of Original Grade Substrate is, by weight, less than 1 mm in size (most of that are smaller than 0.66 mm). Oolite Substrate is almost exclusively sub 1 mm oolite (most of this will be less than 0.60 mm in size).Used by…
CaribSea Instant Aquarium Tahitian Moon Reef & Marine Substrate
Starting at $22.65
…tropical marine fish with beautiful, black sand. Use CaribSea Tahitian Moon Reef & Marine Substrate for spectacular "high-definition" aquarium views. Fine, black substrate enhances visual depth and contrast to create the perfect stage for colorful aquarium inhabitants. Inert natural substrate
Two Little Fishies Outsanding Selections Live Aragonite Sand
Starting at $23.01
…new sand into the existing sand bed, stirring it in by hand. Substrate ordering reference guideDetermining how much substrate to buy for your new aquarium depends on the size and shape of your tank, as well as the depth of the substrate bed you wish to achieve. Other factors include the type of…
Nature's Ocean Bio-Active Reef Sand and Reef Substrate
Starting at $19.99
…sand and substrates remove nitrogenous wastes quickly to stabilize your aquarium * Functional marine substrate helps maintain proper pH and buffering capacity * Millions of live marine bacteria promote natural balance in saltwater aquariums Bio-Activ Live Aragonite® sand and substrate mix quickly…
CaribSea Florida Crushed Coral
Starting at $29.83
*Dry crushed coral and aragonite substrate for marine aquariums*Functional marine substrate buffers aquariums from pH swings*Free of impurities such as ash, metals, pesticides, and silica for safe aquarium set upThe only crushed coral with aragonite, which provides up to 25 times the buffering power…
CaribSea Instant Aquarium Freshwater Substrates
Starting at $22.65
…proper pH for marine aquariums must be maintained by a marine buffer.Instructions:General Use: Put Instant Aquarium in the aquarium at the rate of around a pound per gallon. Add water to the aquarium making sure to place something on top of the substrate so as to not disturb the substrate. Turn on…
CaribSea Aragamax Sand
Starting at $26.53
*Dry sugar sized aragonite sand substrate for marine aquariums*Functional marine substrate buffers aquariums from pH swings*Fine grains pass easily through sand sifting aquarium inhabitantsThis super-fine sand (0.2 to 1.22 mm grain size) is ideal for shallow static beds and bottom covering of up to…
CaribSea Arag-Alive
Starting at $23.1
…and beautiful aragonite substrate for all types of marine aquariums * Contains millions of beneficial marine bacteria to enhance biological filtration * Choose the style that's right for your particluar marine aquarium setup Beautiful marine substrate packed with millions of heterotrophic,…
EcoSystem Miracle Mud Filter Substrate for Marine Aquariums 2 lb Tray
Starting at $15.99
…30 gallonsEmploy the popular EcoSystem Method with greater ease in marine systems with limited space. EcoSystem Miracle Mud Filter Substrate for Marine Aquariums 2 lb Tray is conveniently portioned for nano tanks and marine aquariums under 30 gallons. Use Miracle Mud to support the overall health…
EcoSystem Miracle Mud Filter Substrate for Freshwater Aquariums 2 lb Tray
Starting at $15.99
*Filter substrate great for all freshwater aquariums under 30 gallons*Supports aquarium health by replenishing minerals & trace elements*Natural filtration ideal for planted aquaria or ornamental shrimp setupsEmploy the popular EcoSystem Method with greater ease in freshwater systems with limited…
Pure Water Pebbles® Marine Blue Aquarium Gravel, 5 lb Coated Pebbles
Starting at $4.99
…with this striking Pure Water Pebbles® Marine Blue Aquarium Gravel substrate. This natural gravel substrate is coated with colorfast, nontoxic acrylic that won't alter the chemistry of aquarium water. In addition to the increase in visual interest, gravel substrate helps your aquarium's ecosystem by…
CaribSea Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand
Starting at $41.42
…safe and beautiful aquarium*Functional marine substrate increases buffering capacity of your aquariumBeautiful and versatile Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand is the perfect substrate for reef aquariums. Use as a gorgeous substate or as a functional substrate for nitrate-reducing systems such as…
Cobalt Aquatics Breeding Cone
Starting at $20.7
…breeding Discus, Angelfish, or marine ClownfishEncourage spawning success with a safe place for aquarium fish to lay their eggs. Cobalt Aquatics Breeding Cone provides a desirable spawning site for freshwater Discus, Angelfish, marine Clownfish, or any substrate spawner. Keeps fish from laying…
CaribSea A.R.K. Aragonite Refugium Kit
Starting at $80.47
*Refugium kit designed for the growth of beneficial natural food items*Enjoy convenient set up of refugiums for marine and reef aquariums*Kit contains varied substrate and conditioners for 20+ gallon refugiumsSet up amazing refugiums teaming with beneficial life. CaribSea A.R.K. Aragonite Refugium…
Refugium Mineral Mud
Starting at $35.61
*Aquarium substrate for mud refugiums, macroalgae & mangroves*Ideal growing media for marine aquarium plants and algae*Contains live marine bacteria to support aquarium bio-filtrationThe ideal substrate for refugiums, CaribSea Refugium Mineral Mud supplies trace elements, iodine, minerals, and…