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Miracle Mud

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EcoSystem Miracle Mud
Starting at $18.49
…to maintain a successful aquarium. Miracle Mud also contains anaerobic microorganisms that denitrify the aquarium leading to a pristine home for your fishes and corals. Based on sound ecology, Miracle Mud is an efficient biological filter substrate. This mud is loaded with beneficial bacteria and…
Refugium Mineral Mud
Starting at $35.61
…Mineral Mud is a unique blend of sediments that duplicate tropical fringing coastal mangrove environments. Mineral Mud particles are in a size range compatible with soft, burrowing infaunal, macro animal assemblages. Ideal for mud refugiums, sea grasses, macro-algae, and mangroves, Mineral Mud
EcoSystem Miracle Mud Filter Substrate for Freshwater Aquariums 2 lb Tray
Starting at $3.99
…Substrate.EcoSystem Miracle Mud Filter Substrate for Freshwater Aquariums 2 lb TrayInstallation InstructionsRemove content from the box.Cut open box and pour Miracle Mud into the tray. Place the bag over the Miracle Mud. Slowly pour the aquarium water onto the bag on the Miracle Mud to about 3/4…