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AquaticLife EDGE LED Fixtures
Starting at $134.99
…a full spectrum of light needed by all your aquarium inhabitants*Features 3-channel timer, sunrise & sunset functions, daytime effects, and moonlight effectsTake your aquarium lighting to the next level with EDGE LED Fixtures from Aquatic Life. These easy-to-use fixtures for saltwater or freshwater…
Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights
Starting at $8.99
…high power LEDs great for viewing aquariums at nightLet energy-efficient LED moonlight cast new light onto your aquarium at night. Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights create realistic moonlight for spectacular nighttime views. Brilliant, energy-efficient lighting system uses…
48" Current LOOP Marine Bundle Orbit Marine IC PRO LED Light, Wave Pump, & DC Flow Pump Kit
Starting at $918.59
…or surging water currents found on coral reefs with the touch of a button.Programmable 24-hour daily timerAdjustable dawn, daylight, dusk and moonlight color Program daily weather patterns or use on-demandActively moving weather effects including rolling cloudConnect & control included EFlux wave…
AquaticLife Reef Edition EDGE LED Aquarium Light
Starting at $159.99
…allows completely independent control of the Bright White, Mixed Color and Moonlight LED's, creating lighting that replicates underwater daytime sunlight, and sunrise + sunset effects, and the shimmering blue glow of Moonlight. Features:The EDGE LED Fixtures incorporate six colors of LED's to ensure…
Current USA Ramp Timer Pro LED Controller
Starting at $94.99
…amazing light effects. Adjust moonlight color, brightness and duration for custom nighttime effects. If that wasn't enough, use the included wireless IR (infrared) remote for on-demand weather effects including cloud cover, storm with lightning and fading moonlight easily achieved with a press of…
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System
Starting at $189.99
…easily adjusted from 0-100% for dynamic light effects. Adjust moonlight color, brightness and duration for custom lunar effects. If that wasn't enough, on-demand weather effects including cloud cover, storm with lightning and fading moonlight is easily achieved with a press of a button. Additional…
Marineland LED Bubble Wands
Starting at $14.99
…that happens once the lights are turned off.Because the Moonlight Blue Fixture mimics the natural rhythm of moonlight in nature, the likelihood that the corals in your aquarium will spawn will be greatly increased. Running the Moonlight Blue Fixture after the main system lights are turned off…
GloFish® Cycle Lights
Starting at $29.99
…and aquarium décor look even more vibrant - ideal with any fish and décor. Moonlight mode makes décor and fish fluoresce.Midnight mode makes cycle-light-specific products change color. Twilight mode cycles between Moonlight and Midnight modes for optimum color-changing effects. GloFish Cycle…
Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Pro Fixture
Starting at $152.95
…with ramp function lets you easily program a gradual sunrise and a gentle sunset.Use your included wireless IR remote control to adjust day and moonlight color spectrum and intensity, choose from four freshwater optimized preset colors, or enjoy six dynamic light effects and presets including cloud…
Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Fixtures
Starting at $67.99
…by pressing the "mode" button.Mode 1 - Both white and blue lights on, intensities can be adjusted by pressing the white or blue buttonMode 2 - Moonlight - Only blue light on, brightness can be adjusted by pressing the blue buttonMode 3 - Cloud Cover - Blue and white lights gently fade in and outMode…
Current USA Orbit Marine Pro Marine Reef LED Lighting System
Starting at $7.99
…remote. Enjoy programmable 24-hour lighting with ramp up and dim down features that simulate a gradual sunrise or sunset. Adjust daylight and moonlight color and intensity, experience on-demand weather effects, and more with just a touch of a button. Dual Orbit Marine Pro LED Marine Reef Lighting…
Fluval ECO BRIGHT LED Light Fixture with Remote Control
Starting at $54.99
*Smartly-priced LED light with remote control for freshwater aquariums*Replicates natural daylight & moonlight for 24-hour aquarium lighting*Adjust blue & white LED intensity for custom aquarium illuminationFeature rich and budget-friendly LED upgrade for freshwater aquariums. Fluval ECO BRIGHT LED…
Fan-Cooled Nano Cube Aquariums
Starting at $199.99
…quality for a healthy aquarium environment. Each Nano Cube model features energy efficient compact fluorescent lighting and built-in LED Nite-Vu Moonlight to illuminate nocturnal behaviors.The compact 6 gallon Nano Cube will fit comfortably on almost any desktop or counter area. Integrated lighting…
Current USA Dual Ramp Timer
Starting at $59.99
…intensity and color from the comfort of your couch. Connect an actinic blue LED fixture to one channel and set at minimum intensity for use as moonlight at night. Or adjust intensity of your actinic blue LED fixture during daytime to achieve your ideal color temperature. LCD display with simple…
12 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe Aquarium w/FREE Nano Cube Stand
Starting at $199.99
…24-watt 50/50 compact fluorescent lamps to satisfy the higher light output needs of the serious nano-reef enthusiast, and built in LED Nite-Vu Moonlight to illuminate nocturnal behaviors. The chic, cabinet-style Nano Cube Stand showcases the Nano Cube in a stylish contemporary sensibility for a…