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Nano Soft Coral Pack

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Nano Soft Coral Pack
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $69.99
Nano Soft Coral Pack is an assortment of carefully selected soft corals that offers a diversity of color and form throughout your system. The Nano Soft Coral Pack is a combination of various soft, polyp and mushroom corals that are well suited for a small reef aquarium. We have selected these corals
Eheim 9G Aquastyle Aquarium - 2 Pack Filter Replacement Pads
Starting at $7.99
…If adding a heater, set the heater to the desired temperature and wait until it is achieved. If your setup includes live plants, live rock or soft corals, please note that they have specific light time requirements between 8-10 hours a day. NOTE: Too much light can also produce unwanted algae. For…
Eshopps S-Series Premier Line Protein Skimmers
Starting at $299.99
…proprietary features maximize aquarium waste removal * Cyclonic action in reaction chamber drives powerful skimming action Complex engineering packed into an elegant design. Eshopps S-Series Premier Line Protein Skimmers boast five advanced proprietary features that optimize skimmer performance…