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Sparkling Gourami
(Trichopsis pumilus)
Starting at $1.39
…the tiny Trichopsis pumilus is simply stunning. In spite of its beauty, the Sparkling Gourami remains humble and peaceful towards its tankmates. Native to the shallow rice patties of Thailand and Cambodia, the Sparkling Gourami can survive in the low water level conditions with diminished oxygen…
Mosquito Fish
(Gambusia sp. aff. Affinis)
Starting at $1.49
…pond beautiful by feeding on algae and hatching insects that can damage pond plants and the overall aesthetics of your pond or water garden. Native to the backwaters and freshwater ponds of North and Central America, Gambusia sp. is related to the common guppy and very similar in characteristics.…
Yellow Longwood
(Canna glauca)
Starting at $8.99
The Yellow Longwood, or Canna glauca, is a hybrid of the Canna americanallis. This hybrid is native to Brazil and offers many cultivars. The Yellow Longwood is known for its long blooming season and superior performance in water gardens.Cannas resemble banana trees without the trunk, and are highly…
Spider Lily
(Hymenocallis liriosome)
Starting at $7.99
The Spider Lily is a beautiful pond plant with fragrant star-shaped blooms native to the southern United States. They produce long, strap-like, deeply grooved leaves that grow up to 18" in length. Strong, leafless stems produce clusters of white, spidery flowers from early spring into summer. Each…
CaribSea Betta Leaf Indian Almond Leaf
Starting at $2.49
*Real Catappa leaves for natural conditioning of betta aquariums*Recreate soft-water conditions similar to native betta habitats *Provide "soft cover" & coax bettas to display natural behaviorsFish breeders secret to happy, healthy Betta fish. CaribSea Betta Leaf Indian Almond Leaf naturally…
CaribSea Jungle Leaf Indian Almond Leaf
Starting at $2.99
…health and biological benefits, and the "soft cover" created by these leaves give your tropicals shelter similar to what would be found in their native ecosystem. These leaves can also be used as a forest floor substrate for arthropods, tropical reptiles and amphibians. Betta Leaf and the somewhat…
Dwarf Baby Tears
(Hemianthus callitrichoides)
Starting at $5.99
…plant. If regularly pruned, this bright green South American native can also be floated at the water's surface. Either way, it creates the ideal location for spawning fish to hide their eggs and active bottom dwellers to forage for food. Native to Cuba, Dwarf Baby Tears will eventually form a dense…
Lizard Tail
(Saururus cernuus)
Starting at $7.99
…and are an arched spike of small white flowers. Lizard Tail is best planted in 5 gallon or larger containers and placed in sun to part shade. It is a hardy perennial that is native to swamps and wetland areas in the eastern half of the United States. Zones 4-11.Approximate Purchase Size: 12" to 18"
Clown Loach
(Chromobotia macracantha)
Starting at $13.99
…family appreciates caves, holes, and other hiding places amongst heavy aquarium plantings, especially when it sleeps. Because the Clown Loach is native to fast moving streams, it prefers good water movement and currents in the aquarium. Since the Clown Loach can grow to an impressive size of nearly…
Cardinal Plant
(Lobelia cardinalis "Dwarf")
Starting at $3.99
Add an easy-to-grow Cardinal Plant favored in Dutch-style freshwater planted aquariums! Native to the eastern and central United States, Lobelia cardinalis, also known as "Cardinal Flower," is commonly found growing emergent along streams, ponds, and waterways. Kept in its submersed state in the…
Red Night Blooming Hibiscus
(Hibiscus acetosella)
Starting at $7.49
…are its deep red flowers, which bloom during the late summer nights and serve as a beacon to passing butterflies and hummingbirds at daybreak. Native to the tropics, this fast growing, easily cared for plant can reach an impressive 5-feet tall and 3-feet wide in a single growing season. Because…
Masked Goby
(Coryphopterus personatus)
Starting at $25.99
The Masked Goby is a native of the reefs in the Caribbean. This fish gets its name from its transparent body and orange face. The body of the fish is also covered in white spots.It requires a 10 gallon or larger aquarium with plenty of hiding places as they are often found hovering above the bottom…
Colored Sailfin Blenny Fiji
(Atrosalarias fuscus)
Starting at $49.99
The Colored Sailfin Blenny is a color morph of the Black Sailfin Blenny native to the South Pacific. This species varies in coloration depending on the color of its surroundings. These variations in color include yellow, green, orange, brown, or a combination of all. Usually peaceful unless the tank…
Royal Gramma Basslet
(Gramma loreto)
Starting at $19.99
…posterior. Coveted for both its unique color pattern and relatively small adult size, Gramma loreto is well suited for small nano reef systems. Native to the deep-water reefs of the Caribbean, this member of the Grammidae family prefers extensive rockwork caves in which to hide and somewhat subdued…
Cave Transparent Goby, Captive-Bred ORA ®
(Fusigobius pallidus)
Starting at $24.99
The ORA® Captive-Bred Cave Transparent Goby, also known as the Bridled Goby, is a native of the reefs in the Maldives and Fiji. They are often found in and about both hard and soft corals. This fish gets its name from its transparent appearance. The body of the fish is also covered in orange…