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Orangethroat Pikeblenny
(Chaenopsis alepidota)
Starting at $39.99
The Orangethroat Pikeblenny is a fascinating fish with unique traits sure to captivate any marine aquarist. Most notable is the distinct eel-like body that gives the Orangethroat Pikeblenny an immediate sense of mystery. The elongated serpentine body is accentuated by a tapered snout featuring a…
Fiji Barberi Clownfish
(Amphiprion barberi)
Starting at $19.99
…Barberi Clownfish is a new species of that has been recently described by Gerald R. Allen. For many years this fish was thought to be a color variant of the Australian Clownfish-Amphiprion melanopus whose range is spread throughout the Western Pacific Ocean. This new species of clownfish differs…
Hermit Crab with Anemone
(Dardanus spp.)
Starting at $19.99
…when the crab moves the anemone about the reef, it helps the anemones disperse. When the crab outgrows its shell, it will leave it behind and find a new, larger shell and transfer the anemone on to it or select a larger anemone.This Hermit Crab prefers an aquarium with large amounts of stable rock…
Tozeuma Ghost Pipe Shrimp
(Leander plumosus)
Starting at $29.99
…and/or pH shock. They are intolerant of high nitrates or copper levels, and iodine levels in the water must be correct to promote proper molting.Feed the Tozeuma Ghost Pipe Shrimp frozen meaty items like brine or mysis shrimp, chopped fish and cockle. Approximate Purchase Size: 3/4" to 1-1/4"
Lightning Double Bar Chromis
(Chromis opercularis)
Starting at $29.99
…aquarium into a note-worthy setup.The hardy Lightning Double Bar Chromis boast ease of care and a peaceful demeanor making it an excellent choice for new and experienced aquarists. This native of the Indo-Pacific reefs prefers setups with open areas for swimming but with multiple hiding places. The…
Acares Midget Reef Chromis
(Chromis acares)
Starting at $29.99
…aquarium into a noteworthy setup. The hardy Acares Midget Reef Chromis boast ease of care and a peaceful demeanor making it an excellent choice for new and experienced aquarists. This native of the Indo-Pacific reefs prefers setups with open areas for swimming but with multiple hiding places.The…
Freshwater Neon Blue Goby
(Stiphodon sp.)
Starting at $24.99
…coloration, the Neon Blue Goby can easily be mistaken as a tropical marine species. Once established in its new home, the Neon Blue Goby demonstrates deeper coloration. Keep in mind that new arrivals demonstrate very pale coloration with a hint of iridescence.The Neon Blue Goby has a healthy…
New Life Spectrum ICK SHIELD Sinking Pellets
Starting at $11.5
…Marine aquarium fishesCombat aquarium ectoparasites with highly palatable treatment your fish will love to eat! New Life Spectrum ICK SHIELD Sinking Pellets provide hobbyists a new way to effectively combat aquarium ectoparasites. Whole Antarctic krill is the first ingredient to ensure eager…
Drs. Foster & Smith Cichlid Flakes Food for all Cichlids including African and New & Old World
Starting at $10.99
…daily nutrition of all aquarium cichlids (African Cichlids, New World Cichlids, South American Cichlids etc.). Feeding GuidelinesFeed 2-3 times daily, only as much as your fish can consume within several minutes. As with any edible item, wash hands after handling product. Keep out of reach of…
Tetra SafeStart PLUS
Starting at $7.69
…start a new aquarium with a patented, proven, concentrated blend of live bacteria*Ultra-convenient aquarium treatment eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrite*Creates a safe, healthy environment so you can add fish immediately!Accelerate the establishment of biological filtration in new freshwater…
Marineland Acrylic Sump Filter Media
Starting at $4.54
Marineland Acrylic Sump Filtration Systems take three-stage mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to a new level of convenience. Filter Pads provide coarse and fine grade mechanical filtration to effectively remove unsightly particles from aquarium water. Replacement media also fits…
Tap Water Conditioner
Starting at $6.49
…gallon of tap water!This super-strength water conditioner instantly removes chlorine and detoxifies heavy metals in tap water. Use when setting up a new aquarium or adding water. Safe for all aquatic life. To remove chlorine and detoxify heavy metals, use one teaspoon per 100 gallons of water. To…
Special Blend Water Conditioner
Starting at $9.5
…condition aquarium water *Saves you time - dramatically reduces the need for aquarium water changes! *Perfect for starting the biological cycle in new tanks Special Blend heightens the ability of plants to use light, water and nutrients. It removes odors, clears cloudy water, and degrades organic…
Instant Ocean BIO-Spira
Starting at $11.89
new fish, or after medicating your saltwater aquarium. New shelf-stable formula requires no refrigeration. 3.38 oz treats 30 gallons.Directions for UseFor best results in a new aquarium, follow these simple steps:Mix tap water with a quality synthetic salt mix such as Instant Ocean Sea Salt, item
Fluval Cycle Concentrated Biological Booster
Starting at $6.99
…of fish to a new freshwater or saltwater aquarium. Massive amounts of beneficial Cycling Bacteria quickly consume toxic ammonia and nitrite to help prevent fish loss and "new tank syndrome."Use Fluval Cycle Concentrated Biological Booster when starting a new aquarium, adding new fish, changing…