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Nitrates And Phosphate

171 products
Blue Hypnea Algae, Aquacultured ORA®
(Hypnea sp. Aquacultured ORA®)
Starting at $24.99
…herbivores. "Macroalgae, cultivated in refugiums and "algae scrubbers," provide natural filtration that absorb excess nutrients, such as nitrates and phosphates." Macroalgae also provides ideal habitat for small shrimp and other microfauna to help support biodiversity. Finally, macroalgae can be…
Red Bush Algae
(Ornamental gracilaria sp.)
Starting at $6.99
…rockwork of your refugium. Provide moderate flow and lighting with the supplementation of iron, magnesium and trace elements. High levels of phosphates or nitrates will inhibit the growth of these algae.Ornamental Red Gracilaria Algae is also an important and favorite food source of herbivores like…
Dragon's Tongue Algae
(Halymenia dilatata)
Starting at $39.99
…trace elements. While the Aquacultured Dragon's Tongue Algae provides natural filtration utilizing available phosphate and nitrate, excessively high levels of phosphates or nitrates will inhibit growth.The Aquacultured Dragon's Tongue Algae is also an important and favorite food source of herbivores…
Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Biological Nitrate and Phosphate Reducer
Starting at $16.99
…conjunction with sulfur-based de-nitrators or phosphate and nitrate removers as the different methods for nitrate and phosphate reduction will cause interference.Nutrient ControlMicro-biological reduction of algal nutrients (nitrates and phosphates) occurs naturally in all anoxic areas of the…
API Phosphate Test Kit
Starting at $12.19
…filtration material that removes phosphate. Making partial water changes can also help reduce the nitrate level, especially if the initial phosphate level is very high. However, because many tap water supplies contain phosphate, it can be difficult to lower phosphate levels by this method. Aquarium…
Brightwell Aquatics Xport PO4 Cubes Phosphate Adsorption Media
Starting at $10.97
…possible instances.Brightwell Aquatics batch test every single raw material entering their facility to ensure that it is completely free of phosphate, nitrate, and copper. Materials failing to pass this test are refused and returned to the vendor.All water used in Brightwell Aquatics liquid products…
Cobalt Aquatics Total Nitrate Filter Media
Starting at $42.01
…selective for nitrate while also removing phosphate*Can be regenerated after exhaustion, increasing cost effectiveness *Excellent for use in a dedicated media reactorCobalt Aquatics' Total Nitrate is a high capacity anion exchange resin -- perfect for removing nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, and metals…
Fluval Mini Master Test Kit
Starting at $49.99
…Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Phosphate Accurately measure parameters and help maintain a healthy environment for fish and plant life in your aquarium with the Fluval Mini Master Test Kit. The test kit offers essential testing of PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Phosphate, keeping your aquarium…
Two Little Fishies NPX Bioplastics
Starting at $2.99
*Aquarium nitrate and phosphate removing biopolymer filter media*Naturally reduce aquarium phosphate levels with beneficial bacteria*Bacteria uses up nitrate and phosphate as it grows on the filter media*Use bioplastic media in fluidized reactor such as the PhosBan Reactor 150Harness the power of…
DrTim's Aquatics NP-Active Pearls
Starting at $25.19
…NP-Active Pearls help remove nitrate and phosphate from your aquarium water so these nutrients are not available to algae and other nuisances.Q. In layman terms - how do they remove nitrate and phosphate?A. Basically, the process is converting the nitrate and phosphate in the aquarium water into…
Chaetomorpha Algae, Aquacultured
(Chaetomorpha sp.)
Starting at $16.99
…grown in a refugium where it absorbs nitrate and phosphate out of the water as it grows. Additionally this algae is a great habitat for microfauna such as copepods and amphipods to reside and populate. Chaetomorpha Algae removes both phosphates and nitrates from the water. To increase the amount…
Red Sea Algae Control Multi Test Kit
Starting at $22.99
…100 Phosphate Pro 0.014 ppm 0.014-1.6 ppm Colorimetric 100 Red Sea Reef Algae Control Multi Test Kit Contents: Comparator Instruction Manual Color Disc Color Card Syringe 10ml Phosphate Reagent A - 50ml Phosphate Reagent B - 10ml Nitrate Reagent A - 50ml Nitrate Reagent B - 10ml Nitrate Reagent…
Reef Trace
Starting at $10.87
…the long-term growth and health of corals and invertebrates. Reef Trace replenishes these elements quickly and completely. Reef Trace is nitrate and phosphate free. For best results, use in conjunction with Reef Plus. Treats 100 gallons for 2 to 4 months. 500 ml.Directions: Use 1 capful (5 mL) for…
Aquaforest® Pro Bio S Probiotic Bacteria
Starting at $24.99
*Highly-concentrated solution for natural phosphate & nitrate removal*Probiotic bacteria transforms phosphate and nitrates to a biomass*Significantly reduces organic sediment accumulating in the substrateFacilitate natural phosphate and nitrate removal for a clean, healthy, and low-nutrient aquarium…
Aquaforest® -NP Pro Liquid Polymer Culture Media
Starting at $9.99
…growth*Supports rapid probiotic growth for phosphate and nitrate removal*Use in conjunction with Pro Bio S to achieve a low nutrient aquariumProvide ideal conditions to cultivate probiotic bacteria essential for natural phosphate and nitrate removal. Aquaforest -NP Pro Liquid Polymer Culture…