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Nonphotosynthetic Gorgonians

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4 products
Red Sea Fan
(Gorgonia sp.)
Starting at $39.99
…is more challenging to maintain this species because they are non-photosynthetic and they require supplemental feeding several times per week. In order to inhibit algae and cyanobacteria growth, it is important that this gorgonian is provided with a medium to strong, constant or intermittent water…
Yellow Finger Gorgonian
(Diodogorgia nodulifera)
Starting at $39.99
The Yellow Finger Gorgonian is common throughout the Caribbean and is yellow with red calyces. The polyps of this gorgonian are white and are usually only seen during the nighttime when the aquarium's lights are off. This gorgonian is non-photosynthetic and makes a great addition to any reef…
Aquaforest AF Phytomix for Coral
Starting at $12.99
…phytoplankton*Applied every other day Keep your coral healthy, beautiful, and growing with Aquaforest AF Phytomix. The liquid food for soft, gorgonian, and non-photosynthetic corals consist of zooplankton and phytoplankton, and should be applied every other day. Dosage: 10 drop per 100L (27 US…
AlgaGen ReefPods
(Assorted species)
Starting at $15.49
…Experiment with different combinations of pods for different types of feeders. Mandarins and Seahorses, Anthias and Gobies, NPS Corals and Gorgonians, Acropora, Crinoids, Basket Stars, and more. Tisbe biminiensis is an excellent all-purpose aquarium copepod owing to its role in the natural…